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What Not to Post on Social Media. And Why

Social media is an integral part of our lives. It helps us to keep in touch with friends and families who are physically far apart. However, it doesn’t mean that social media has no hole. Privacy is the common issue in the social media domain.

Many people still unaware that every time we put a certain information on social media it also means that we have shared our privacy to public. This might be good if you want more people know further about you. But, you should also get to know that having your personal information on the internet (social media in particular) can also open an opportunity for bad guys to run their evil plans to you.

Seriously, you don’t have to put all of your personal information on social media to become public consumption. Your close friends and families have known it. Below are some things you better not share on social media.

1. Your current location

Foursquare can be said as the pioneer of location-based social media. Since it was released back in 2009, other bigger social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also adopt the same thing. If you keep your GPS enabled when sending an update on social media, it also means that you are revealing your current location to the public. Before updating  a status with GPS enabled, think twice if you really need everyone to know your current location. Because it can tells potential thieves that you might not be at home. And you know what are going to happen then.

If you want to let your friends or families know where you are right now, just send them a personal message via WhatsApp or your preferred instant messaging.

2. Your home address

Not all social media platforms ask you to give your detail home address. And you actually don’t need do it too. Facebook is one of examples of social media platforms which asks you to give your home address. This is optional and we suggest you to not give it.

Same as point one above. Giving your full home address can invite bad guys to come with an evil plan. Especially if you frequently post some photos of your valuables and fancy goods to your Facebook account. You never know who might be looking at your profile.

3. Your actual phone number

Today, most social media platforms require you to confirm your account via phone number, just to ensure that you are truly human. Fortunately, they don’t display your phone number in your profile. If you want it, you can display your phone number in your Facebook profile. But, I have to tell you that it’s a terrible idea. Unless you will let third parties to abuse your phone number for a thing you will never know. Terror or fraud, for instance.

4. Your vacation plans

Today, most people will immediately upload the photos of their trip to Instagram to make them look exist and up to date. If you really want to enjoy your trip, it’s better to not do that anymore, unless you are a celebrity with a contract. Focusing on social media while traveling will make your trip meaningless and less memorable. Just enjoy every little thing you see and get.

Wait until you are home before uploading your photos or talk about your vacation experiences online. It will be better if you write your experiences to a blog to inspire the others.

5. Your detail birth date

Twitter will decorate your profile with floating colorful balloons to celebrate your birthday. Sure, it’s pretty nice and most people love it. So, where is the problem?

While you may love getting loads of birthday wishes from your Twitter followers or Facebook friends, having your birth date posted on your profile may provide scammers and identity thieves with one of the key pieces of information needed to steal your identity and open up accounts in your name. So, think twice before adding your birth date on your profile.

6. Your project ideas

I have met some people who proudly posted their brilliant ideas to Facebook. I don’t know what’s their motivation but I am pretty sure they were trying to impress their friends or followers to get some feedback like “wow, it’s a good idea dude!”

Congratulation for the “wow” comments you have got. But, you might don’t realize (or too naive) that while you are struggling to realize your ideas, someone else have done it!. You know why? Because you can’t keep your thumbs. Just remember, your idea is too worth to be shared in the public space like social media.

7. Unsure news

Facebook and other social media platforms are currently combating fake news. We have to respect their efforts. Fake news is undoubtedly are the worst thing on the internet. Please not to be their part by reading the whole news content before sharing it to your social media accounts. Don’t too easily share a news by just reading the title. Read it first and check other sources to unsure if you are reading the right news.

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