5 Ways To Upload New Post to Instagram from Desktop

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5 Ways To Upload New Post to Instagram from Desktop

For social media agencies which responsible of handling Instagram accounts of certain brands, it would be much easier to upload new photos from desktop instead of smartphone.

You can actually login with your Instagram account on Instagram website (instagram.com). However, the official website of Instagram doesn’t come with the uploading capability. So, how do we can upload new photos on Instagram from desktop?

Instagram actually has an official desktop app that allows you to upload new posts via desktop. Unfortunately, this official app is only available for Windows 10. Which means, other operating systems like macOS and Linux distributions won’t be able to use this app. But, there are a thousand ways to lead to Rome.

Here are the methods you can use to upload new photos on Instagram from desktop.

1. Using Instagram for Windows 10

As I mentioned above, Instagram has actually an official desktop app for desktop platform. Specifically, this app is for Windows 10. However, not all PCs/laptops that run Windows 10 can use this app. What does it mean?

In order for being able to use Instagram for Windows 10 you have to install it on a touchscreen laptop/PC. The interface and capabilities of Instagram for Windows 10 itself are pretty similar to Instagram on smartphone. You will be able to upload new posts, accessing DMs, exploring images and so on. In other words, Instagram for Windows 10 is basically the bigger version of Instagram app for smartphone. Nothing more.

2. Using Gramblr

If you are not a Windows 10 user, you can try Gramblr to upload new photos on Instagram. This app works on other versions of Windows from Windows 7, Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Additionally, this app is also available for macOS. However, you will be faced to some lacks and restrictions when use this app.

First, the photo you want to upload have to be in 650 x 650 pixels and saved in the JPG format. If the photo doesn’t meet the requirements, nothing will happen. Even worse, you won’t see an error message. But, if you have no problem with it, then there is no bad to give Gramblr a try. Besides, it is free.

3. Using Flume

Flume is a nice app for those using Instagram for business, especially Mac users since Flume is only available for macOS. Flume is available in two versions, free and pro. While you can use it for free, you need to upgrade to the pro version of Flume to upload new photos since free version doesn’t come with this capability. Additionally, pro version also comes with other features including Multiple Accounts, which is great for social media agencies with dozens of clients.

4. Using Uplet

Uplet is the answer if you are looking for an app that has a capability of uploading multiple photos at once on Instagram. But like Flume, Uplet is only available for macOS. This app also available in two versions, free and pro.

Uplet offers drag and drop functionality. All you need to do to upload new photos is just by dragging and dropping them to Uplet window. Sure, you will be able add a caption to each photo. Additionally, Uplet also allows you to upload photos in the original sizes.

5. Via web browser

As of today, Instagram hasn’t allowed users to make a new post via web browser. And I am not sure if Instagram has a plan to offer this capability. Thus, theoretically you can’t upload new photos on Instagram via web browser. But again, there are many ways to lead to Rome. There is a crack on Instagram you can take advantage of to upload new photos. I have covered it in this post so you can refer to it to find out how.

Hint, you need to be a Blink-based web browser user to run the trick. Some examples of Blink-based web browsers are Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

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