6 Tips Before Posting Instagram Stories

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6 Tips Before Posting Instagram Stories

Can you guess why do so many teenagers can’t get away from Instagram? Yes. Because it enable them share their photos instantly from smartphone.

Sure, other apps can do it too, but Instagram remains popular because it keep innovating to deliver better experieces to the users.

Back in 2016 when Instagram launched Instagram Stories to enable the users share a short live video. Despite the plagiarism issue to Snapchat’s feature, Instagram Story has immediately gained its popularity and nearly everyday we see our friend’s profile photos appear at the top of our Instagram feed, showing that they have something that is being shared.

I don’t know if you frequently post an Story or just once in a while. But, you probably haven’t known that you can take a better story with Instagram Stories by knowing all settings and features available in Instagram Stories. Below are some Instagram Stories tips that you can try.

1. Set who can view your Stories

With Instagram Stories you can share your current activities in a short live video to those who follow your Instagram account. For some reasons you may don’t want a certain account to see what you are sharing. In Instagram Stories you can prevent someone else from viewing your Story.

  • Tap the gear icon at the top-left corner and choose People in the HIDE STORY FROM section.

2. Allow replies only to the ones you know

Instagram Stories also enables you to instantly leave a message regarding the Story you are watching to. This means, anyone who follow your account can also do the same thing to the story you are sharing. This will be a huge problem for a certain account with thousands followers like artists or other public figures.

Fortunately, Instagram Stories has the capability to cut off the possibility of flooding comments by restricting reply to only the accounts you follow.

  • Tap the gear icon at the top-left corner and choose People You Follow in the ALLOW MESSAGE REPLIES section.

3. Add some texts to your Stories

One of the interesting things about Instagram Stories is that you can annotate your short video before share it to your followers. You can even add some handwritten to make your Story be more attractive. Before tapping the the arrow button at the bottom-right corner — which mean upload — you can add some texts or handwritten by taping the highlighter or “Aa” icon that are located at the top-right corner.

4. Add stickers to make your story be more attractive

Today, nearly all social media platforms offer stickers for their users. Instagram is no exception. In Instagram you can find the sticker feature on Stories. You can add some funny stickers like glasses, hats, heart symbols and lots more.

5. Cancel the video if you have some doubt

Well, Instagram Stories is actually not really live. It’s different to Instagram Live. Instagram Stories is meant to share a short video like you can do in Snapchat (you have to admit that Snapchat is the inventor of the feature like this). Before the video is truly uploaded you can see the preview of the video first. If you have some doubt about it you can cancel or retake a video to get the better result.

6. Save the shared Stories automatically

By default, Instagram won’t save your Story unless you tap the Save button by yourself. If you are an Instagram Story addict and want to re-watch everything you have shared, you can ask Instagram to automatically download every Story you share rather than tapping the Save button over and over every time you post a Story.

  • Tap the gear icon at the top-left corner and slide the Save Shared Photos option in the CAMERA section.

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