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Promotion in Instagram Using Tags

On the internet, there are a huge number of related articles that promise “one hundred percent and reinforced concrete” options for promoting your account. However, most of the resources that are saturated with such information are created to take money from a poorly versed user. On such sites, you can find only banalest tips with almost zero value. We will share the instructions with you — we do not promise that it is the best and high-quality, and we do not promise absolute success. It all depends on you, using our tips, combining them with other information and systematically working on your account, you will be able to achieve the desired success.

Selecting and sorting hashtags

Properly organized work with hashtags is one of the main steps on the way to promoting your account. The network is full of sites and services that help you collect a set of tags and sort them by popularity. As a rule, such portals also provide services for promoting on Instagram. Using such a resource and selecting tags for your theme, you should once again process the resulting list manually to avoid unnecessary errors. We remove everything that got into the set by accident and adds the resulting list to the spreadsheet.

Next, you will have to do the main work related to hashtags. You need to sort at least 70-80 tags in the table using the tools of the selected platform – the more, the better. You should choose the most thematic and narrowly focused ones that are suitable for your profile. Adding some part of the resulting array to your photos, you get a chance to bring the publication to the top by any tag. This will give a guaranteed increase in likes, followers, and activity.

We work with loyal accounts

We move smoothly to the second secret of promotion. By posting a post and adding 20-30 tags to it, you will get between twenty and fifty likes in the first half-hour. The people who mark your photo are usually the most loyal audience to work with. Such profiles actively use the methods of mutual subscriptions and likes, and this is what we need. With this simple recommendation, you can get an impressive increase in the popularity of your account.

Editing publications

After half an hour of mutual likes and subscriptions, you must delete the tags added to the post. The second set of them should be added not to the description of the photo but placed in the comments section. We fix the activity and get rid of tags, now from comments. Again, go to the edit section of the publication, and fill in the description of the photo with the third set of tags. After completing all these routine procedures, you will be able to notice an unprecedented increase in the site activity.

It is worth remembering the statistics. People who come to your page after mutual following will be easier to contact if your profile is already more or less promoted. Moreover, if the number of your followers is several times higher, the following will work even better. It is important to remember that with the growth of the number of friends if this figure goes into the category of thousands, the benefit of mutual activity falls several times. The best option for using such a system is the number of followers in the range from 300 to 3000 people.

We use a win-win option-dogs and cats

The tag set has another main feature — getting publications in the top tags. Top publications are placed above all others in the search by tag. This means that if a person searches for specific information by tag, then your publication will take the first places in the search. If a post with a certain set of tags gets between 200 and 1000 likes in the first few hours, there is a huge chance that it will get to the top, at least for one hashtag. The weakest tags are usually located in the third set. After adding a set to the publication description for the second time, the photo may simply not have time to get the necessary number of likes and views, which are a guarantee of promotion to the top.

Here we use a win-win option. Of course, it’s a bit wrong to use photos of cute animals for your own selfish and Mercantile purposes — but this is nature, and we don’t actually do anything wrong. Missing likes can be collected with the help of animal lovers: we go to their territory using the appropriate tags and start liking the publications of these fans “mi-mi-mi”. They almost always respond in kind. If your photo still doesn’t get a certain number of positive ratings, you can always buy Instagram likes.

Adding activity using the ALL-SMM service

Quite simple and trivial is the fact that it is much easier to promote a profile that has at least some numbers. But what if your account has just been created and you can’t count on attention? Mutual following starts working only when your profile already has a certain base of followers and at least five or six publications with a sufficient number of likes.

ALL-SMM is one of the most popular and high-quality portals for Instagram promotion, Ticker, Facebook and other social networks. With the help of professionals, you will be able to obtain the minimum activity required to start. And in the process of promotion, when your profile is more or less “pumped”, use the services of specialists is a good idea. Moreover, the prices and tariffs are really attractive and affordable, without any pitfalls. It should be noted that the portal provides likes and followers without any fraudulent methods of cheating. You will get a live audience consisting of real accounts. This is very important because low-quality services use cheat bots. This may result in your account being blocked. You can buy Instagram followers quickly, easily, and without worrying about the safety of your profile.

Using this set of tips, studying related information and working on a profile, you can easily achieve success.

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