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4 Evergreen SaaS Social Media Marketing Tips

SaaS (Software as a Service) as an industry caters to a very specific audience and this makes marketing in the online world trickier.

Trickier is the word we will go with because difficult also seems like a harsh word.

When I say trickier I mean that it isn’t as easy as capturing market share in an industry that already exists. Like it’s easier to launch an apparel store and achieve your marketing goals via social media marketing because people are in need of clothing.

The apparel store does not have to generate the demand for their need of it. The need already exists they just have to provide.

SaaS on the other hand more often than not offers a unique solution for which the marketing team has to generate demand from a grass-root level.

One of the SaaS Startup that came up with a unique offering was Surfer SEO it was the first tool that was providing massive On-Page SEO Insights. It even leverages the Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool’s capabilities to help the user optimize the content for search.

No other tool was giving that many insights before Surfer SEO, people were relying heavily on Keyword Research Tools like Google Keyword Planner & SEMrush to do their On-Page SEO. You can even check the current status of your competitor via the Agencydashboard. It will send accurate & automated performance reports on SEO, PPC, and SMM to your clients.

But Surfer SEO generated the demand for their product letting people how well optimized their content could be if only they leverage Surfer SEO’s capabilities.

And yes, they did leverage social media marketing for this, they onboarded Matthew Woodward who is a huge influencer in the search engine optimization niche to promote their tool and conduct a webinar educating people about the tool.

And that campaign was a massive hit, Surfer SEO saw huge participation and sign-ups as a result of the partnership with Matthew Woodward.

Let’s see in detail in what ways social media marketing helps SaaS Business Thrive.

1. Generate Brand Awareness

Social is where the conversations are happening, it is where people are expressing their problems like the fact how they can’t find a tool that can help them compartmentalize Google Analytics Data.

Your unique product is the answer to people’s problems. You just have to show up on social media and in the initial stages you have to do nothing but just educate people on how your product is the answer to their prayers.

You have to go live, get yourself on a video to help users understand your product.

It also helps if you have to pay a certain price to Facebook groups who will promote your product and help it gain deserving visibility.

2. Explain how to use your product

Social Media like Facebook & YouTube can be a great place to drop your videos demonstrating how to use your product. Once they see how they can use your product it is then that they will come to realize how they can leverage your product in solving their own set of problems.

This is also a place where you can find early adopters of your product and they can be great propagators of your tool’s functionality.

Go live with them and let them take the center stage. Let them address your tribe for how they can use your product, trust me this makes a hell of a difference.

3. AMA works like a charm

Holding AMA (Ask me anything) session is one of the greatest ways to connect with your target audience.

Some of the platforms you can leverage for this are:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Reddit threads

You have to find Facebook groups that have your target audience and Reddit subreddits that reeks of your target audience.

Both are super engaging spaces.

You can connect with the community handler and explain to him the value you can provide to the community group members.

The idea with AMA sessions is to be less promotional and be helpful to the folks who are coming up to you seeking an answer to their problems.

In between you can plugin the product but sensibly. The AMA sessions are announced in advance and last for a couple of hours.

The cool thing about AMA sessions is that this can be a platform for you to gain fame. You don’t have to be popular to gain engagement from the comment thread. People are gonna comment because they want answers to their problems.

If you help them well then they will even send you friend requests so that they can follow your updates and that’s how to build your personal brand.

4. Infographics are go-to social media content for SaaS

Infographic as a form of social media content works really great for SaaS business.

It helps you pack a ton of information in a square-shaped graphical image that adds a lot of value and has a proven track record of receiving unbelievable social media engagement.

SEMrush is seeing great success with infographics on LinkedIn.

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