7 Savvy Tips for Creating Brilliant Digital Content in Your Home Office

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7 Savvy Tips for Creating Brilliant Digital Content in Your Home Office

With social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube enjoying a resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic, the creative arts industry is under pressure to place their product in front of their audience.

Like thousands of your peers, you now find yourselves furloughed and working from home. Shorn of your corporate resources, you now find yourself needing to deliver compelling, cut-through digital content from the confines of your home office. Don’t be afraid to get some of the best Perth office furniture you can find, it’s only going to make your home office more comfortable and practical.

Where do you even start?

If it’s one thing contemporary audiences demand, its quality. Hit your selected audience at the right time, on the right device with fresh, attention-grabbing creative that reflects their lifestyle and needs and you’re onto a winning proposition.

Here are 7 savvy tips to help put your home office digital content on the path to success.

1. Its People’s Phones, Stupid

Like most of us, I find myself spending vast amounts of time on my phone scrolling through content in search of diversion. Aside from banking, shopping, my smartphone is my lifeline to the wider world and my portal to desperately needed entertainment.

It’s our most personal and intimate device. It syncs with our news feeds and social media apps and geotags us, spilling the beans about our habits and interests to marketers.

So, if you’re even thinking about creating digital content, always design for a mobile audience. What you need to deliver to that device should be designed to optimize its performance via that medium. Your content experience should be every bit as engaging whether viewed across a mobile, desktop, or tablet.

2. Nurture A Multiplatform Vision

Today’s stuck at home audiences are restlessly jumping from app to app whether working from home, taking an entertainment break, or seeking leisure inspiration. Today your audience rarely discriminates between devices when viewing content.

Relying on a single platform or channel to nurture a relationship between your audience and your content is a dead-end, audience growth-wise. Think instead about the multiple touchpoints where your audience may see and interact with your content.

3. An If You Build It, They Will Come Strategy Only Works In The Movies

Oops, today’s digital content landscape rarely turns out to be your Field of Dreams. Spending hundreds of hours creating delightful, provocative and enchanting digital content doesn’t automatically guarantee your audience will discover it on the Internet and embrace it.

The first thing to do is to transfer all your authentic old content currently consigned to the garage using VHS to Digital technology. That ensures your heritage content is preserved and accessible at the click of a mouse.

Today’s Internet is a vast and indifferent content landscape. So as you labor to create your content, consider how you can guide your audience to discover it. A smart content publishing plan ensures eyeballs in return for your investment.

4. Do A Deep Dive Into Your Audience

All content creators truly believe they enjoy a clear insight into their audience. Tragically, this is rarely the case. A misunderstanding here can result in positioning your content in front of the wrong audience.

This can kill your reputation and deliver disappointing audience numbers.

Mitigating content risk involves developing and curating a series of customer profiles, against which, all your proposed content experiences should be measured.

5. Embrace Change

One of the major advantages of the digital economy is its ability to simultaneously explore and evaluate different creative treatments across multiple distribution platforms.

Audiences often have different viewing expectations of their online digital platforms. Continuously tweaking your content and customizing it to reflect the demands of your different audiences will give your content legs and attract a stronger following.

Track your content’s adoption patterns and systematically reassess your messaging against your customer profiles. Should engagement levels lag, test adjusting your content, your messaging, or your channel selection.

6. Set Yourself Targets, Monitor Progress and Measure Your Results

One of the benefits of today’s Internet is its ability to track audiences, monitor audience behaviors, and measure results thanks to its underlying diagnostic algorithms.

This gives content creators enormous capabilities for monitoring and measuring audience responses to their content.

Take advantage of digital content’s flexibility to personalize content to appeal to individual customer profiles and measure your content’s uptake against each profile. Monitor how effectively your content changes audience perceptions of it and their responses to it.

Keep your content goals front and center in your mind and continually test different content variations then measure their impact with your audience. Look for what audiences do in response to your content as well as the qualitative measures.

7. Work Your Social Media Voodoo!

One way digital content has transformed our viewing habits is through its openness for sharing. Content originators can share their creative output on social networks and, assuming they’ve followed the previous six tips above they should have a series of engaging, precisely targeted content that their audience will be prompted to cascade across their social media networks to their peers.

Virtual flexibility brings its own rewards! If you haven’t already sorted your social media voodoo, now is the time! Social media is the perfect channel for amplifying your content reach and appeal. It also has the diagnostic tools to allow you to target your specific audience profiles, making your content even more appealing.

Final Observation

One of the tricks to creating memorable digital content in your home office is to always engage your audience’s hearts and minds.

Harnessing powerful emotional connections between your content and your audience is the key to nurturing a more sustainable and enduring relationship. Great content always appeals to the emotional desires and needs of a human audience.

Content that creates sustained authentic campaigns which evoke fundamental human emotions often go viral. There’s a powerful motivation behind the adoption of a Meerkat spokesman and cute puppies work in advertising. They capitalize on the pleasure their audience derives from viewing cute animals doing cute things on video.

Remember, if all else fails, cat videos rock! They’re what powers the Internet!

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