How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free with Buffer

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free with Buffer

Buffer is one of social media management tools with the capability to schedule Instagram posts. You don’t have to upgrade your account to pro to do that since Buffer kindly gives the opportunity to schedule Instagram posts with your free account, but limited to 10 drafts per account.

Before being able to schedule Instagram posts with Buffer you need to install the Buffer app on your mobile device, whether it’s Android or iPhone. Keep in mind, scheduling posts in Instagram doesn’t mean that Buffer will post your queue. Buffer will only notify you when it’s time to post since Instagram doesn’t allow us to post images from third party app like Facebook and Twitter.

Before getting started to schedule Instagram posts with Buffer, be sure you’ve had an account. If you haven’t, register immediately by visiting Buffer site and click the Get Started for Free button. Don’t worry, the registration process is extremely easy. You can even do it while closing your eyes.

Scheduling Instagram posts with Buffer

Once you done creating an account in Buffer, login with your account to get in to the Buffer dashboard. Then, follow the steps below to start scheduling.

  • Click the Connect button beneath the Instagram icon to make the authorization.

  • Type your Instagram username and password and click the Log in button.

  • Just click the Continue button to continue the process.

  • Launch the Buffer app on your mobile device and login with your account.
  • Return to Buffer on web browser and click the Continue button again.

  • Click the Finish button.

Adding queue

Once you successfully done connecting your Instagram account, now it’s time to add queue. Remember, free account is limited to 10 queue only.

  • From the Buffer dashboard, select the Content tab and click on the “What do you want to share?” column under the Reminders sub tab.

  • Write down your caption and select a photo you want to post.

  • To schedule the post, click the arrow icon within the Add to Queue button and select Schedule Post.

  • Set the time you want to upload your Instagram post and click the Schedule button.

  • Wait until Buffer notify you via push notification on your mobile device. Once you get the notification, swipe down your screen and tap the Post button.

  • Click the Open in Instagram button to continue.

  • The rest, you just need to follow the steps you usually do when posting a photo to Instagram.


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