How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free with Hootsuite

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the powerful and affordable tools for managing your social media accounts. You can use this tool for free but paid version is also available if you want to get more features. One of social media platforms that is supported by Hootsuite it Instagram.

With Hootsuite you can schedule Instagram posts for free. Scheduling Instagram posts is important if you are a freelance social media marketer or something like that. It will ensure you are not going to miss any material you have to post today or tomorrow.

But keep in mind. Scheduling Instagram posts using Hootsuite (and other tools) is different to scheduling Facebook or Twitter updates. You will have to post your photos manually based on time you have specified. Hootsuite only helps you to organize your drafts and notify you when it’s time to post. No auto post.

Why Hootsuite can’t help you to post to your Instagram account? The Instagram’s rules did’t allow users to make a post from other mediums but native mobile app. That’s why Hootsuite and other social media tools can’t much help you regarding the scheduling Instagram posts.

But, at least there is a tool that will remind you to post a new photo to Instagram on the scheduled times.

To schedule Instagram posts you need to have Hootsuite app installed on your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone. Once you installing Hootsuite to your smartphone, follow these steps to start scheduling.

Schedule Instagram posts with Hootsuite

  • First and foremost, you need to create an account at Hootsuite first. As a beginner you might want to create a free account. Simply visit this page to create a free account of Hootsuite. Fill out all the required columns and follow the registration steps. Don’t worry. It’s extremely easy. You can even do it in seconds!
  • Once you done creating your account, no it’s time to add your Instagram account. Hover your mouse over Send tocolumn that is located at the to-left corner.

  • Click the Add social network link and select Instagram. Click the Connect with Instagram button to make the authorization.


  • Before being able to schedule Instagram post you will be asked to setup the publishing. Just click the Setup publishing nowbutton.

  • Input your phone number and click Next step.


  • Launch the Hootsuite app in your smartphone and login with your account. Hootsuite might will ask you to activate the push notifications under the Settings menu but you don’t actually have to do this because this push notifications have been enabled by default. No, it’s time to start scheduling.

Start scheduling

Once you done setting the publishing, you can now start scheduling your Instagram posts.

  • Hover your mouse on the Compose message column.

  • Select the Attach media button and click the choose files to upload link to add image. Don’t forget to add you caption on the Compose message column.

  • Click the scheduling button and adjust your schedule. Once you done, click the Schedule button. Don’t forget to select your Instagram profile at the top-left corner.

Hootsuite will notify you when it’s time to post a new photo to Instagram and bring your scheduled draft to your smartphone. You can find all of the scheduled drafts under the Notifications menu.

  • Click the three-line button at the top-left corner and select Notifications.

  • Choose a draft you want to post to Instagram.

  • Click the OPEN IN INSTAGRAM link to start posting it to Instagram.

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