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How to Set Custom ID in Path

Not as popular as Facebook but Path is an interesting enough social media to try due to its exclusivity. In Path you can only add up to 500 friends. No more. Path initially even limited to just 150 friends only. Why limiting friends? Because Path believe that friendship is not about the quantity. Friendship is about quality.

Even so, Path doesn’t really limits the number of audience. If you are a public figure and want your fans on Path to know your current activities without having to be your friend, Path can handle it. Path recently released a new feature to allow you turning your account into public. This feature is basically not too different to Facebook’s.

In Facebook, you are limited to 5,000 friends. Once you reached your friendship limitation you can’t add friend anymore. So do with other people who know you. They can’t send a request to be your friend because you have reached the maximum number of friends. But, they can keep in touch with you by following your account.

That’s how actually new Path feature works. But, before being able to accept followers, Path requires you to create a custom public ID. To do that, you can go to the Settings menu and choose Accept Followers.

By default, this options is disabled by Path. To turn it on, just tap the Accept Followers option and you will be prompted to create your Path ID. Enter your preferred ID and tap the Accept Followers button.

Just keep in mind, you can only create your Path ID once. You can’t change your ID once it’s confirmed. So, be careful before picking an ID. Be sure it’s represents your name.

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