6 Powerful Social Media Analytics Tools Every Internet Marketer Should Know

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6 Powerful Social Media Analytics Tools Every Internet Marketer Should Know

Every internet marketer knows that social media is too worth to miss in their efforts to gain more customers. A successful social media campaign involves many aspects. You can’t just update your social media feeds regularly without conducting any analysis process. It’s equal to waste your time.

Internet marketers who succeed with their social media campaigns always checking the performance of every content they post to the social media accounts they handle. They commonly use analytic tools that was designed to analysis social media performance.

Every social media platform has actually been equipped with a built-in analytics tool to allow you keep an eye of the performance of your posts but, most internet social media managers prefer to use third party social media analytics tools due to the completeness of the features, though they have to spend more budgets on them.

Here is the list of powerful social media analytics tools you can use to get the most out of your social media campaigns.

1. Brand24

Brand24 is a great social media analytics tool if you want to see the real-time insights and get the detailed statistics over your contents. This tool comes with a number of features to allow get the most out of your social media campaign. Some of its features include Mentions Feed, Discussion Volume Chart, Marketing Analytics, Influence Score and lots more. You can also bring your analytics reports offline by exporting your data into PDF, XLS and even infographich.

Brand24 supports major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While you need pay before being able to use this tool, you will be given a 14-day trial with no credit card information required. Big brands like Intel, Ikea to OLX also rely on this tool to analyze their social media campaigns. Furthermore, this tool also comes with a Slack integration and mobile app.

2. Simply Measured

There are four tools offered by Simply Measured. They are Listening, Social Analytics, Content Share Tracking and Conversion Tracking. You can take advantage of them to conduct more specific analysis to your social media campaigns. Social Analytics, for instance. You can use this tool for measuring the power of other brands and competitors in your field. Simply Measured also supports such major social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter to Instagram. There are three packages offered by this tool: Social Marketer, Content Marketer and Digital Agency.

Before deciding to rely on this tool you can probe it first by requesting the demo version of the service so you won’t be regret if you find this tool doesn’t suit your needs.

3. Cyfe

The capabilities and features of Cyfe are basically not too different to default analytics tool of most social media platforms. For instance, Cyfe will show you the number of reach, views, clicks and likes of a post each day. You can actually see those statistics on Facebook Insight. However, there are several additional things you can do with Cyfe that can’t be handled by the default analytics tool of social media platforms. Plus, Cyfe offers a colorful diagrams that nicer to look. With Cyfe you can analyze multiple social media accounts from different platforms at once. Each account is represented by widget.

Best of all, you can use Cyfe for free as long as you want to perform basic analysis to your social media account. You can always upgrade your free account to premium anytime if you need more features. One of the premium features of Cyfe is Public URLs which allows you to share read-only dashboards publicly with your team.

4. Quintly

You can also use Quintly to analyze the performance of the social media accounts you are handling. This tool covers nearly all multimedia platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn to Google+. At a glance you might find nothing different to the default analytics tools of each multimedia platform but once you dig deeper, there are several features offered by this tool you will found. Quintly allows you to setup a custom report and export it into such formats as PDF, JPG, XLS to CSV. You can also share the report with your team by creating a public link of the report.

Quintly offers four packages with the lowest price of $129 per month. Fortunately, you can give this a tool try first by taking advantage of its 14-day free trial to figure out how powerful this tool is.

5. Sprout Social

Unlike four tools mentioned earlier above which were design specifically for analysis needs. Sprout Social has more complex features. This tool is the kind of integrated tool where you can schedule your social media posts. In order to enable you keep an eye over the performance of your published posts this tool also comes with analytics tool to find out whether the posts go the way you expected or not. You can use this tool to schedule and analyze posts from such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkenIn to Google+.

Sprout Social is popular enough in the internet marketer scope. It is also a paid service but you can try it first before deciding to continuously using it. You are given a 30-day free trial to use Spout Social. The good part about Sprout Social is that you can add multiple members so you can work collaboratively with your team to get the best results.

6. Keyhole

Specifically, Keyhole will help you getting the most out of your Twitter and Instagram campaigns. This tool helps you by tracking what trends are starting to emerge. You can drop a specific hashtag or keyword to start analyzing. You will get the real-time feedback over the hashtag/keyboard you want to analyze. This tool also helps you to figure out which of your own interfal trends are providing the better results, giving you at-a-glance data into what activities are driving the most follower growth over time.

Furthermore, Keyhole also comes with a Competitor Tracking feature to allow you benchmark your brand to your competitor. This feature works by compiling data from social media accounts run by your competitors. If you want to learn the analysis reports offline Keyhole also gives you opportunity to export your reports into PDF and XLS. This tool gives you a 3-day free trial.

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