Starting a YouTube Channel? Make Engaging Videos With These 8 Editing Software

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Starting a YouTube Channel? Make Engaging Videos With These 8 Editing Software

If you’re starting a YouTube channel, you need professional editing tools to create marketable video content. Hence, we bring you seven editing software with which you can create videos that will keep your audiences glued. To top it off, they’re all free.


OpenShot’s easy-to-use interface is ideal for beginners and hence doesn’t have more complex tools available like other editing software. The minimal design is very effective for simple editing. OpenShot is very useful with trimming, resizing, rotation, scaling and snapping. It also has credit scrolling, time-mapping, audio mixing and provides real-time previews. The software also has strong key-frame animation features to create animated videos.


VSDC is a desktop video editor and is available free as well as a paid, advanced version. The free version comes with reduced features but still has a full range of video editing tools. They include chroma key processing and mask tools for blurring, highlighting or hiding. VSDC gives videos a more professional look with color-correction features. It also enables you to easily export the video on all popular social media sites. If you’re starting a YouTube channel, VSDC gives you a very sophisticated video compression standard so you can maintain quality at lower file sizes.

Movie Maker 10

This is a convenient video editor for Windows users but it’s not the new version of the old Windows Movie Maker. It’s great for straightforward video editing and making quick edits when short of time. The video editor also comes with the full range of basic picture editing tools. You can also add customized captions to it. Other features include auto-movie options for customizing cuts, auto-preview before you apply the edit, and an animation tab for adding titles, credits, and music.


Lightworks not only has a user-friendly interface but it also provides detailed video tutorials, making it an ideal tool for beginners. It has a collection of original stock videos and clips of music. It is copyright-free for use on any videos you edit on the platform. Lightworks is speed optimized, which enables you to continue cutting even while importing new feeds. It allows merging clips from different cameras. Multiple people can edit it from various locations with real-time project sharing. With Lightworks, you can easily share videos to social media. This video editor supports a broad range of video formats.


Shotcut is another open-source video editor with a vast suite of video tutorials. This cross-platform editor also supports a wide range of popular video formats like FFmpeg, ProoREs, 4K, and DNxHD. Shotcut has multiple audio editing options, allowing editors to make treble and bass adjustments, add dynamic compression and create bandpass, etc. Shotcut also empowers you to match resolutions and frame rates within a project. You can import files directly into a project rather than going through a media library. Shotcut was initially designed for LINUX so some might find the interface a bit tricky. However, once you master it, Shotcut definitely makes the cut as an ace editor software and can be a boon for those starting a YouTube channel.


Blender is the result of collaborative design by hundreds of developers from around the world. It is a 3D creator with a path-tracer engine which results in realistic animation. However, Blender also features a conventional video editor and enables complex editing tasks like video masking. It allows you to create video games with a feature to installing game-logic code into the software. Blender has a wide range of visual effects and vignettes to broaden your creative scope. Its advanced rendering processes allow you to speedily save and export your project anywhere.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express has been used to produce Hollywood-like films, so it may seem a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a lot of experience in video editing. But the learning curve is definitely worth it. Its animation tools enable users to make and edit video and audio transitions without making composite footage, which is a big time-saver. The software’s adaptive trimmer allows editors to re-trim clips after they’ve already been added to the timeline. You can create unlimited audio and video timelines. Though HitFilm is free, it will ask you to share a social media status update, a small price to pay for a professional-grade editor.

Editing is crucial to attaining the best flow for a video. Most people think that only visuals are edited in a film. But that’s not true. The visuals have to synchronize with the audio aspects, like voice-over, sound, and music. Video editing can make or break any video, hence it’s one of the most important functions of film-making, and it requires the right skills and sophisticated tools. Having good editing tools is as important as having the right camera.

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