How to Stop Twitter from Playing Videos Automatically in Android

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How to Stop Twitter from Playing Videos Automatically in Android

Everyones know that Twitter only allows its users to share the maximum of 140 characters. This can be a problem for those who want to spread a long message. But, that’s the art of playing with Twitter. You are forced to be as creative as possible to use the best words on the message you want to share.

Today, Twitter users are used to using materials like photos and videos since they both can represent the message they want to share in a better way. The use of video as a campaign tool (in social media) seems have been growing rapidly these days. If you ever noticed the sponsored post in Twitter, advertisers mostly use video to spread their campaigns.

In Twitter for Android, every video content that shows up on your timeline will be played automatically by default even if you don’t touch it at all. The default setting is probably good if you have an unlimited data plan.¬†Conversely, it can be a big problem for those with a limited data plan. But, don’t worry. You can disable the autoplay feature of Twitter for Android in order to save your data plan. Here’s how.

  • Launch Twitter on your Android and slide the screen to the right and tap Settings and privacy.

  • Scroll down your screen and tap Data usage.

  • Tap Video autoplay and select the option of how the video supposed to be played. Whether via mobile data & Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only. If you don’t want Twitter to play the video automatically, just select Never.

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