The 4 Best Hashtags to Use on Instagram

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The 4 Best Hashtags to Use on Instagram

Social media has changed the way we do things on several fronts. It has also become so popular that every demographic is using social media, though the type of platform may change depending on the user. Some of the popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. These are where most of the action happens with social media.

While using social media platforms, most people have either come across or used hashtags. Hashtags are the way by which similar content from different users is grouped together. It makes it easier for users to find content specific to their taste without wasting time going into the infinite amounts of information. Hashtags are a time-saver and are used popularly on Instagram. It offers a variety of hashtags that users can use to find their tribe, generate content and engage with each other. There are many other types of hashtags that would work best for social media.

Brand Hashtags

Like the name suggests, this is the hashtag that most brands should be aware of when it comes to hashtag marketing. While it is also a great idea to use some of the most popular hashtags, especially ones that hashtag generators such as TaskAnt suggest, it is also recommended to use a branded hashtag. Since most consumers love information that gets straight to the point as fast as possible, it is always best to keep branded hashtags short and memorable with the brand name.

If it seems difficult to come up with one, there are plenty of options you can research used by other brands that can clue you in on what works and what does not. The great thing about this hashtag is that it can be reused over and over again, while also being a great fallback when you do not have a hashtag for a post. It will always be associated with your brand so wherever it is used, it will bring that data back to you.

Trending Hashtags

Some things in life are ever changing. Some faster than others for example in the fashion world. It is often difficult to keep up with the latest trends in clothes and more recently, technology. Trending hashtags are a bit like tech and fashion because they are fast paced, short lived and unpredictable. You may never know when it started and when the fire burns out. If timed well, it can pay dividends in brand awareness and gaining new followers. Due to their nature, you will have to keep your eyes peeled in order to catch onto them while they are hot.

Not all trending hashtags will be worth your attention and participation so make sure to understand what the trend is all about before getting on with it. Otherwise, it may do more harm than good.

Community Hashtags

This hashtag is closely related to branded hashtags though it has some uniqueness to it as well. It is more frequently used by larger brands to get their often-large consumer base engaged. Like the branded hashtag, it includes the brand’s name in some form. The hashtag engages consumers by using community lifestyle elements such as “Community”.

When consumers use or are involved with the brand in a photo or video, they can use the hashtag and the brand is left with picking the best one to share on its page. The attachment and sense of belonging to a community is what draws consumers to this hashtag and for businesses, it makes it easier to generate content which is both authentic and relatable.

Event Hashtags

Event hashtags have an expiry date which is usually related to the event’s start and end date. While it expires at the end of the event, if it is a yearly event, it may be reused, though with some businesses, it may be better to create a new one. The advantage of creating a new one will help separate the previous year’s event from the current one.

The purpose of this hashtag is to create conversation around an event such as a conference, seminar or class. It also does not require the poster to be the host, it could be an attendee that uses the hashtag that will draw attention to it and spread awareness of the brand.


With hashtags, it is easier to draw attention and engagement on Instagram. Whether it is for a conference, event, brand, etc, there is a hashtag to suit most user purposes. Understanding which one suits you best will depend on how well you understand what each hashtag has to offer.

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