The Main Mistakes and Tips When Working with Instagram

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The Main Mistakes and Tips When Working with Instagram

Modern life requires modern solutions, especially when it comes to doing business. Modern media platforms have achieved tremendous success in the development of different areas and have long ceased to be a platform on which you can only share photos with friends and post your delicious lunch. Any modern person can’t imagine their life without a smartphone and their comfort without the Internet and applications. Starting a business on Instagram now is not an optional luxury but a necessity for almost all areas of life. It is this social media platform that allows communication with potential customers and often serves as a marketplace for the product itself. Using Instagram you can develop your brand, expand your audience and spread the unique style of the product.

Speaking about the benefits of working with Instagram as a platform for brands, it is impossible not to say that it allows you to quickly and efficiently work with clients. Collect feedback from consumers and establish communication with partners or experts in your niche. This social media network allows you to deliver the value of your product quickly and efficiently and of course following trends and recommendations you can easily increase your audience and income.

How to Create and Develop a Business Account on Instagram

A business account gives to its user a functionality that is not available to users with personal accounts. To create a business account first you need to learn the basic rules. It will help you to make a quality account at once and save you from some mistakes later. So, the basic steps in the preparation phase to create such accounts.
Gathering statistical data about competitors in your niche.
Working out the unique style and content of your profile.

Analyzing the market and your audience. Without a clearly defined target audience, it’s difficult to build a promotion strategy. You can’t promote business products to everyone. You need to understand who you are offering your services and products to, so as not to waste your efforts and advertising budget. Your business account – is not just a pretty wrapper, it is a reflection of the pains of the target audience, on which the content is based. No target audience analysis, no solutions.

These three simple steps will help you create a better account right away and already stand out from your competitors, Instagram itself provides great functionality for business accounts. With its help, you can easily manage and develop your profile.

  1. Gathering statistics. In addition to the number of likes and comments, business accounts can track the number of impressions of posts and stories, as well as adding them to bookmarks. After a week of using a business account, the user will have access to audience statistics, its distribution by gender and age.
  2. External communication. Companies get a “contact” button with a clickable phone number or clickable email. You may add an offline address and opening hours.
  3. Stories from personal accounts are hidden but not deleted 24 hours after publication. They are stored in the archive, which becomes available after switching to a professional account. You can pin some of your stories to your account header, which many people use to publish additional information such as reviews or price lists.
  4. Advertising. Users with personal accounts can’t promote their posts, this functionality is only available in business and author accounts. Although you can promote your Instagram posts even without an account, if you create a campaign through your Facebook account and guide your followers directly to your site.

It’s convenient to use end-to-end analytics to analyze the data obtained. It automatically pulls in expense data from Instagram and compares it to revenue from CRM. Through integrations, end-to-end analytics users get clear reports with data on ad ROI and cost per call from it.

It’s important to create and use your Tone of Voice. After all, one of the biggest benefits of Instagram is the ability to communicate with your audience. Each text should reflect the customer’s pain or respond to their request, you need to be helpful and carry a certain informational message. It is important to add triggers to texts that add life to it and encourage the reader to take action. Simply beautiful descriptions of a product have not interested anyone for a long time. Often a social media template is used for this purpose. Special applications with them really help make it easier for businesses.

It is also very important that Instagram helps to develop the business even without investment, which is very convenient for new entrepreneurs and startups. You can always use methods of organic promotion:

  • Use hashtags. You can also create unique hashtags for your business and to improve navigation on the page.
  • Tag locations. You can indicate the places where your target audience is often, it can also increase the chance that your page will be seen.
  • Take advantage of colocation opportunities. Invite experts to your profile, host live events with them, etc.

The Main Business Mistakes in Instagram

The statement that black PR is also PR is completely irrelevant to this platform. Instagram positions itself as a socially responsible media platform and removes inappropriate content. It’s also not advised to get involved in scandals and grabbing hold of all the trending topics.

It is better to focus on your product, its useful properties and the new way of life that the product will bring to customers. If there is the slightest suspicion that a post might offend some group of people, it’s better not to post it. Be especially careful about mentioning the following topics:

  • Race;
  • Ethnicity;
  • National origin;
  • Gender;
  • Disability;
  • Diseases.

Instagram also reserves the right to remove postings that contain:

  • Full or partial nudity, as long as it is not a work of art;
  • Slander, harassment, condemnation, insulting other people – only criticism of celebrities is allowed;
  • Alien, non-unique content.

Your business account should be clearly structured and controlled. Do not spam content and be sure to take care of the visual component, now the market is very competitive, and it is very difficult to stand out without beautiful visual content. Also, a big mistake is to publish posts at the wrong time. Of course, for each business there is a unique decision about the timing of publications, but it’s definitely a question that needs to be thought through in advance.

Of course, the pros of having a business account are much more than the cons. The main thing is to use all the advantages of this social media platform correctly! Then you will be able to increase your brand awareness and therefore increase your income. Proper interaction with statistics will help to rationally allocate your time and content. And social media templates for instagram will often help save that time. Do not be afraid to use auxiliary platforms for Instagram, because the development of your business now cannot help but depend on the development of your Instagram!

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