Top 8 Tips To Step-Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

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Top 8 Tips To Step-Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

There was a time when the real estate industry depended on traditional marketing techniques to reach out to their audience. That’s changed now as the industry has now adopted digital marketing techniques and chief of them is social media marketing.

As a real estate agent that’s well versed with social media, you’ll understand the impact of social media on the real estate industry. It’s one of the best ways for real estate companies to attract leads to their business, and it’s capable of influencing the buyer’s decision when deciding which property to sign or not. Yet, it is surprising that many real estate businesses don’t take advantage of this to improve their online efficiency.

If you understand the impact of social media on the real estate industry and you’re willing to step up your social media marketing, here are the top 8 tips that you should consider.

1. Optimize your social media profile

Correctly filling your social media profile is an essential first step but many real estate businesses miss this. This is very easy to overlook, but it is very integral. You have to make sure that you include your address, contact details, website URL, and profile photo for all social media platforms that you’re on. This makes it easy for people to contact your business through social media whenever they need your service. Social media marketing also aims to reach out to your target audience to contact you if the need arises, but this would be challenging if you don’t optimize your profile and add your contact.

2. Use hashtag in your social media content

Many people see hashtags as being helpful to increase engagement on a social media post. While this is true, it can’t be the focus. The primary reason for the hashtag is to increase the visibility of your post. So, it’s more visible and easier to discover on social media. This way, potential customers can easily find your real estate business by clicking on or searching for a hashtag. So, endeavor to add real estate hashtags to your content, so they are more visible.

You can use branded hashtags (which are hashtags specific to your brand or business) or use generic hashtags (hashtags used popularly in your industry).

3. Facebook posts & ads

Many people have found success advertising with Facebook, which isn’t different for the real estate industry. Firstly, you should create a Facebook post that’s capable of attracting leads. According to an essay writer online, if you’re going to attract leads with your Facebook posts, it should include:

  • Basic real estate tips for selling or buying a home.
  • Showcase events and local businesses that happen in the community.
  • Hold contests and giveaways for building awareness and driving engagement.
  • Testimonials from past customers.
  • Professional images.

Once you have your post, you can sponsor it to reach more people and attract more leads.

4. Real estate blog

A real estate blog is a good idea as you can use it to drive traffic to your website. One way to use your blog on social media is to share your blog posts on social media to drive traffic and engagement and give your brand more social media visibility. While it might be challenging to come up with ideas or topics to write about, your blog post could be about:

  • Tips for selling or buying a house.
  • Articles on statistics and predictions in the market.
  • Information about a community or neighborhood, etc.

5. Post about your success stories

You’re not bragging when you post about your success stories in real estate. You’re showing your ability and how good you are at what you do. The more success you have, the more trust and confidence people have in your brand. The more deals you close, the more deals you get.

6. Collect and post your reviews

Everybody now checks online for reviews about a product or service before purchasing or contacting the brand. You can make it easier for those researching your brand by posting it on social media, and you also use this to attract more leads for your business.

7. Video marketing campaign

More internet users are willing to watch a video now than those willing to read a text. So, videos should be a significant step up in content marketing. Videos are more attractive and appealing, so you’ll reach more people. It’ll pass your message better, and you’ll get more engagement.

8. Post content for locals

People who are buying or selling homes within a locality are likely living in that area and those that are buying but don’t live there are already checking up information about the area. So why not be their news source? Post or share valuable content about locations where your properties are at, and watch your credibility increase before many.


Beyond just using social media, you have to be sure that your real estate business is using it well and your strategies are working for you. If they aren’t, try the 8 in this article.

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