Understand the Basics of YouTube Advertising

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Understand the Basics of YouTube Advertising

This article will introduce YouTube advertising and is ideal for any business looking to learn more about YouTube video advertising. We’ll cover topics such as: what makes YouTube’s audience so unique, how advertisers can generate “views” and drive conversions with strategies specific to YouTube, and how businesses of all sizes can get started with YouTube advertising.

What makes a YouTube campaign successful?

YouTube stands out from other video platforms because it has an audience with different expectations than audiences on other platforms. Most people using online video are turning to it for entertainment rather than information or shopping-related interactions. This trend holds for users specifically watching videos to be entertained (e.g., comedy) versus those looking to be informed or for product research (e.g., DIY videos).

It’s not just that people are coming to YouTube with different expectations, but also that they’ve come to expect a rich experience from the platform. So how can you ensure your video ad campaign is successful? When creating content, consider length, audience, and content type.

FIRST, understand that 60 percent of YouTube views happen on mobile devices—so keep in mind how your audience will view it. Videos under 90 seconds receive the highest completion rates from viewers, so consider this when choosing the format. This isn’t necessarily an invitation for super short clips because many times, users simply like jumping back into their favorite content after being interrupted by a phone call or other interruption.

SECOND, know that there are distinct differences in user activity between YouTube’s general audience and the 18-34 age group (responsible for driving 30% of all views on YouTube). Some of these include: People 55 and older spend an average of 34 minutes on YouTube every day, while viewers aged 18-34 average 10 minutes per day.

On average, users ages 18-34 watch significantly more videos each week than the rest of the population. So if you’re looking to reach a younger audience, we’d recommend focusing on those who are already watching videos regularly–unless you can find a unique angle that appeals explicitly to this age range. Overall though, 65 percent more people aged 34 and older watch YouTube per week than watch daily. Buy fast Youtube views that can help put your channel to the top.

THIRD, it’s important to remember that you can always keep your video super simple (e.g., product demonstration) if you’re just starting, but the most successful campaigns will incorporate multiple components. Since 80 percent of videos with 90-second or longer completion rates contain two or more branded calls-to-action, consider including clear CTAs within your video and creative to generate impressions. Adding in a brand logo is also a good idea for helping viewers connect your product or service with their own needs—and is a tactic that increases engagement by 20% when done right!

How to get views on YouTube – YouTube advertising is the answer. But you would need a dedicated team to create your YouTube ads and measure how well those ads perform on platforms such as YouTube. They need to constantly test and optimize campaign content, ad creative, bid strategies, and even devices used by viewers to ensure that we drive viewers and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

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