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How To Upload Photo on Instagram from Web

No doubt, Instagram is the most popular photo-based social media platform. Unlike other social media platforms which commonly allow users to post new updates via web browser, Instagram is not such a social media. As of today, Instagram hasn’t allowed users to upload new photos from web and seems no plan to do it.

Despite you theoretically can’t upload a new photo to your Instagram account via web browser, with a little tricks you can bypass this restriction. How?

Before practicing this trick, you must be a Google Chrome user first. Or you can also use other web browsers that use Blink as the engine like Opera and Safari. I have tried this trick on three Blink-based browsers Google Chrome, Opera and Safari and it works on all of them. In this article I will demonstrate the trick using Google Chrome. Here is how

  • Go to instagram.com and login with your account.
  • Right-click anywhere within the Instagram page and select Inspect from the appearing menu window.

  • Select Toggle device toolbar tab at the top left-hand corner of the Elements panel.

  • Choose one of the available devices from the drop-down menu at the top of the main window.

  • Reload the page and you should see the camera icon in the Instagram app.

Now, you can upload a new photo to your Instagram account. To get started, just click the camera icon and follow the steps just like when you are uploading a new photo via Instagram app on your smartphone.


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