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How to Use Bookmarks Feature on Twitter

Bookmarks is one of the most useful features of Twitter, especially for writers, designers, photographers and other creative professionals who often look for inspiration on Twitter. This feature allows you to instantly save interesting Tweets to access them later.

Twitter has actually been allowing you to save Tweets by liking them. However, this feature (Like) is not so good if you want to save a tweet for yourself. If you click the like button on Twitter (the heart icon), the associated Tweet will appear on the timeline of your followers. In other words, Like doesn’t allow you to save Tweets privately.

Bookmarks — which announced in February 2018 — is the answer if you want to save a Tweet privately. All Tweets you added to Bookmarks are only accessible by yourself. If you want, you can share Tweets you added to Bookmarks privately via Direct Message.

How to add a Tweet to Bookmarks on Android and iPhone

Since the feature was released in February 2018, you can now see a new share icon on each tweet on your timeline. To bookmark a Tweet, you can tap this icon and select Add to Bookmarks.

To access the bookmarked Tweets, you can swipe right your screen to open the Twitter menu and tap the Bookmarks menu.

You can see all of the Tweets you have bookmarked. Tap the share icon to share a Tweet via Direct Message or remove it from Bookmarks

Using Bookmarks on Twitter web

In order to be able to use the Bookmarks feature of Twitter on web you need to use the new version of Twitter. If you have not, you can switch to the new Twitter by clicking your ava profile to open the Twitter menu and select Try the new Twitter.

On the new version of Twitter web, you can see a new icon next to the love icon. You can click this icon to add a Tweet to Bookmarks.

To access your bookmarked Tweets, you can reopen the Twitter menu (by clicking your ava profile) and click Bookmarks. Same as Twitter for Android and iOS, you can also click the share icon (next to the love icon) to send a bookmarked Tweets via Direct Message.

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