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To this day by the time this article is written, the only way to upload a new photo to Instagram is via the mobile app, be it on Android or iOS. Instagram actually provides an official app for Windows 10 and you can also login to Instagram on web. Other useful Instagram services you could access from your Windows (and mobile just as well) include the best site to buy Instagram followers and likes. However, none of those two Instagram versions allow you to upload a new photo.

From the beginning, Instagram was designed exclusively for mobile devices. This social media platform was even initially available only for iOS before eventually released for Android in 2012 (Instagram was launched on 2010).

The major function of Instagram is to share photos, but as the time goes, Instagram also released some features to allow you keep connected with your friends. Like Direct Message and Instagram Stories for instance.

While most people find Instagram is useful to get social, there are some considering it as a waste of time. But on the other hand, they still need Instagram to work. If you are a photographer, you must already know how Instagram can be a great tool to build your personal brand as a photographer. If you still need Instagram but don’t want to install the Instagram app on smartphone, you can still use it even if don’t install it on smartphone.

As said above, the core feature of Instagram is a sharing photo service. In addition, Instagram also has features to share your daily life via Instagram Stories, get interact with your friends or followers via the comment column, get interact with your friends privately via Direct Message. And so on. You can do all of those things on Instagram from your desktop PC.

How to upload a photo to Instagram from desktop

Instagram offers an official desktop app for Windows 10 which you can install via Microsoft Store. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have what users expected most: the capability of uploading a new photo. But, you can still upload a new photo to your Instagram account from desktop via the web version of Instagram. But, it takes a little trick to do so.

The way of uploading a new photo to Instagram is different on each web browser but the point is the same, you need to change the user agent of each browser as if you are using Instagram on a certain mobile device instead of web browser. Refer to the following articles to find out how to upload a photo to Instagram via Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The downside of uploading photo to Instagram via web browser is that you won’t be able to reply the comments you got. But, you can do so using Instagram for Windows 10.

How to share Stories, send DM and reply comments on Instagram from desktop

The official Instagram app for Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to upload a new photo, but it does allow you to do such other things as replying comments, sending DMs, sharing Stories and watching Stories of other Instagram users you follow. Unfortunately, you have to be a Windows 10 user first to do so. Instagram doesn’t provide an official desktop app for other platforms. Or probably hasn’t.

You can download the official Instagram app for Windows 10 from Windows Store. Following is the glance look of Instagram for Windows 10.

Instagram for Windows 10 allows you to:

  • Share a story
  • Reply comments
  • Send DMs
  • Watch Stories and live videos
  • See recent activities of your friends
  • And so on.

Everything you can do on Instagram on smartphone can be done as well on Instagram for Windows 10, with the exception of uploading photo.

# How to share a story from desktop via Instagram for Windows 10

To share a story on Instagram for Windows 10, you can click the camera icon on the top-left corner of the Instagram app window. On the first time use of this feature, you will be asked to enable the camera access as well as microphone access.

# How to reply comments on Instagram from desktop via Instagram for Windows 10

The web version of Instagram allows you to add a comment to a photo, but it doesn’t allow you to reply the existing comments. Instagram for Windows comes with capability or replying existing comments. Simply specify a photo you want to reply the comments to and click the conversation icon.

On the next page, select a comment you want to reply and click the Reply button.

# How to send an Instagram DM from desktop via Instagram for Windows 10

To send a direct message on Instagram for Windows 10, you can click the paper airplane which lies on the top-right corner of the Instagram for Windows 10 app.

On the next page, click the plus button or use the available search box to search an Instagram user you want to send the DM to. All the conversations you made on Instagram on smartphone will also appear on this page.

The verdict

Instagram is a popular social media platform. But, not everyone is willing to install Instagram app on their smartphone. On the other hand, they keep need Instagram to get social or even as a business tool. You can make use of Instagram web and Instagram for Windows 10 to replace Instagram app on smartphone. Using Instagram on desktop is particularly helpful if you often edit your photos using desktop app — Photoshop of instance — before uploading them. The only downside when you want to upload a photo to Instagram from desktop is that you only be able to select a single photo per upload. Using Instagram from desktop can also be a great solution for those who want to keep away from smartphone when working.

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