A Beginner’s Checklist for Video Content Creation

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A Beginner’s Checklist for Video Content Creation

Learning how to create video content doesn’t have to be complicated, neither is it easy. Producing a high-quality video that you can be proud of even before someone else sees it takes time and effort. With the right steps in mind, creating something that people will be happy to engage with becomes easy.

If you want to create video content but you’ve no idea where to start, this article is for you. It contains a checklist of vital steps to follow from pre to post-production. By the end of this post, you should be ready to create something of actual value.

Here are the things you should keep in mind.

Concept Development

If you thought that you’re going to grab a camera and run out to shoot, you’re wrong. Production of a high-quality video that can go viral and bring lots of returns begins at concept development. As experts will tell you, developing video concepts is not easy, but brainstorming is a handy technique to use.

Do not limit yourself when developing a video concept. Treat every idea as viable and write every thought down before you start ticking the best from that list. Before settling on one idea, think how original it is, how costly, how complex it will be to edit and whether it will go viral or not.

Script and Storyboard

So you now have this killer idea that you believe will bring the best results. The next step is scriptwriting, which is not easy either. You may have to slowly learn and harness this skill if you’re doing it for the first time. It takes time to write a good script and storyboard, as these two set the foundation for your video.

Start by determining the characters in your video, the conversations they’ll have, the locations, etc. The script should include what the characters will be conversing and their actions throughout the session. On the other hand, your storyboard should map out the flow of the conversations and everything else.

Gathering Materials and Equipment

You’re closer to starting your shoot, and now you need to gather all the things you need during the actual shoot. It helps to jot down a list of all the materials and equipment to ensure you don’t miss a thing once you’re at it. It also requires time, a day or two before the shoot is enough for this step.

Some of the important things to include are batteries, cords, rode microphones, props, LED ring light, tripods, etc. Furthermore, a quick set up to test all the equipment is necessary at this stage. It will help you avoid disappointments and waste of valuable time and money during the shooting process.

Finding a Good Location

The shooting location is another critical consideration that you must make before the actual shooting day. If you have already identified it, your next step should be mapping a few things about it. Compare what you’ve on your storyboard to what’s on the ground and make any necessary changes.

Additionally, you should visit the location at the exact time you’re planning to be there on the shooting day. That will help you determine whether the weather, natural lighting, etc., will work for or against you. You can also get a heads-up to other obstacles such as noise that could affect the audio recording.

The Shoot

There’s a lot you can say about this day, but here’s a brief of what to expect and do. First, arrive early enough, check your script, storyboard, and equipment list once again. Check every corner of the location to ensure it is clear and meets the standard you had hoped for earlier during preparation.

Ensure you’ve back-ups for all your essentials. Items like batteries, headphones, microphones, adapters, cords, etc., may fail during the shooting time. A small hitch may cost you an entire day, money, and other investments you’ve made.

Additionally, you should capture as much footage as you can. Remember, you can always delete footage that you don’t need but going back to the location to shoot something you didn’t get right isn’t viable. Listen in to the audio and watch the video before leaving the site to ensure everything is clear.

The Editing

Editing is even trickier than most stages of video creation. But then, there’re lots of online video editing software that will help you get the job done almost effortlessly.

These tools, such as Adobe, offer you plenty of features for improving your video’s quality. But there‚Äôs a lot to learn with this complex software. Enrolling in Adobe After Effects training, for instance, can give you all the ammunition you need to edit your videos like a pro.

The video editing software you choose should also not be so costly. Although premium software does not usually come cheap, spending on one is worth it. However, as a beginner, you do not need expensive software to edit your video; cheaper and light versions will also work correctly.

Disclaimer: Never expect to come with a perfect video, even with the help of premium software. You’re going to need more practice and time before you get it right. The results of your first try should not deter you from trying again because the more you try, the better the results.


You’re now in the post-production stage when you want the video to reach your target audience. There’re various distribution channels to consider in this digital era. But then, you should first start by sharing it with your closest contacts to get their opinion and have them distribute it to their contacts.

There’s a lot of time and money to invest in distribution. Create a social media calendar and post the video on your channels more than once. Follow up with your contacts and remind them to keep sharing the video with their contacts.


That’s the checklist of what you need to do when producing a video. This post’s ideas shouldn’t scare you but provide a foundation for making a significant and compelling video. You will eventually get the process right with hard work, patience, and practice. You can refer to this article anytime you’re stuck.

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