What Niches are Popular in Twitter in 2021

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What Niches are Popular in Twitter in 2021

Are you having trouble reaching your target audience on Twitter and want to know what you should do to fix this? Have you discovered that it would be easier to grow your account if you were posting in a specific niche but don’t know which is the best to go with?

In 2021, people are still using Twitter frequently with 206 million daily active users worldwide. It might not be as popular anymore because of the emergence of other social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, but it is still incredibly well-used and popular. There are a lot of niches which remain popular on the platform, each with their own specific demographics. Niches are a great way to be a part of in order to get targeted followers, and work well in conjunction with growth services, such as Twesocial, which can be used to buy active Twitter followers.

For example, in 2021, hashtags related to nature seemed to be more prevalent than others like #lovemydog. This is likely due to millennials who were born into a society where environmental awareness is a top priority for many families and communities alike.

In this sense, it appears that niche areas such as these will continue to exist on Twitter, even if they become less mainstream than they once were among all demographics of users. If you are looking to join Twitter and want to know which niche would be best to target in order to get followers, here are a few ideas.


When it comes to Twitter, it is important to be posting within a niche. Some niches are more popular than others, and in recent years, this niche has become one of the most popular. Self-love is something that a lot of people are taking very seriously these days and there are so many ways in which they do this. These people also want to show off their self-love to the world and encourage others to love themselves too.

When looking at posts in this niche you will find all sorts of content related to self-love. Body positivity is one of the most common things you will see. You will also see people taking self-care days and looking after themselves by maybe doing a face mask, or having a relaxing bath. There is a massive market for self-love these days because people are all about it.


Continuing on the same line of thought as self-love, beauty is something that people are taking a lot more seriously these days too. There are two elements to the beauty niche. You have makeup, and skin care.

In recent years, makeup has developed dramatically and there are so many different products and different styles and ways to apply your makeup. Some people have gone above and beyond to create the most beautiful and extravagant makeup looks for others to see. Here you will also find people recommending some of the best makeup products and even giving tutorials on how to do specific makeup looks.

Skincare is also a big part of beauty and people are looking after their skin a lot more. Again, with this niche you will find recommendations for products, reviews on products, and even promotion of products.


Some people love it and some people hate it, but politics will always be a hot topic, and what better place for it than on social media where you can connect with others, and increase followers globally. Politics will always be a popular niche, especially among those who are of legal age to vote.

When it comes to politics, most of the content you will find is the latest news, people talking about current elections, or even just people talking about their own political views. Oftentimes these can turn into arguments but it is all in good fun.


By far, one of the biggest niches that you will find on Twitter is memes. Memes are funny pictures or videos that have captions which aren’t always necessarily related to the visual. Memes are the backbone of just about any social media platform and make up a large portion of the content.

When it comes to memes, there is no specific kind of content that is popular but rather trends that go in and out of style. You will also find standup comedy videos from https://newstandupcomedy.com/ trending all over twitter.


Another incredibly popular niche on Twitter is animals. This is one of the biggest niches and there is no shortage of animal pictures or videos. Here you will find a collection of funny, cute, beautiful, and even sad posts about animals. Included, you will also see a variety of casual things such as gifs, images, and videos.

Most of the time these animal posts will just either be funny or very cute. There is definitely a big market for this kind of content.

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