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There are so many factors at play before your reels are finally selected in the Instagram algorithm to get free Instagram followers. Some of the main factors that are often mentioned are the character of the accounts you follow, the location of tags in your content, and how your account interacts with other accounts.

In contrast to the initial period of Instagram, which focused on interactions in the form of likes and comments, Instagram now sees more interactions in the form of share and save activities.

This new algorithm is important because reel recommendations don’t only appear in the reels special tab, but you can also find them in the Explore menu on Instagram.

So, is there a way to have Instagram 5000 reels views free? Yes, see the information below for further explanation.

What You Can Do to Increase Reels Viewers

People usually use something like Followers Gallery, an app that may help you to boost your Instagram engagement rate through the increase in followers and likes.

Despite the instant process, we think that it’s probably best for you to try to understand the basic concept of growing your account first. And here’s what you can do:

1. Avoid Potential Content Fatigue

Don’t bombard your audience with selling or promotional content constantly because your audience can feel bored or content fatigue. It’s no way to get free Instagram followers in this case.

Insert the concept of entertaining reels or the theme of everyday activities so that you feel closer to the audience. You can also prepare reels with light information that can help in building brand awareness.

2. Use Interesting Thumbnails

An attractive thumbnail or cover can arouse curiosity for the audience to start watching your reels. Getting Instagram 5000 reels views free is indeed possible.

Don’t worry; reels allow you to use an image from your phone’s gallery for a cover. If there is text, try to make the font size and color easy to read.

3. Give a Personal Impression

Greet your audience with a single call, as this will make your audience feel closer or more relatable. Your content may be made for a large audience, but remember that internet users are more likely to watch your content individually.

4. Consistently Create Content

Not only on reels but consistency in creating content is also the key to increasing social media engagement in general. So, sync your Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Instagram reels, and IGTV posting schedule.

By diligently creating content, you can prove your presence on the Instagram system so that it is more easily recognized by a wider audience.


Instagram reels is a new feature release; the potential stored in it is still very big to be explored. Especially for those of you who want to maximize digital marketing for your business, mastering the reels when it’s hot is definitely an obligation.

These methods above are really useful, especially if you keep asking about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

You can also work with the best digital agencies or use the services of a digital marketing agency to help manage your business’s social media. In addition to social media management, a trusted digital marketing agency can also help prepare strategies based on the latest updates from each platform.

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