Three Great Programs for the Beginning 3D Printer Professional

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Three Great Programs for the Beginning 3D Printer Professional

Nowadays more and more people are starting to use 3D printing London in order to manufacture products. This is done by normal people, but obviously, companies can also make use of this great manufacturing technique. 3D printing Houston can be employed to develop many different products. These can have all kinds of shapes, it does not really matter. However, what does matter is the software you use to design the model. When you are a beginner you do not want to spend too much money, while the program also should not be too hard to use. These three software below are perfect for you as a beginner!

MatterControl 2.0

MatterControl 2.0 is one of those free 3D printing programs. You can use it on a desktop computer and it features a printer host functionality. This will enable you to directly monitor and control printing when it is connected via USB. Besides that, you can slice STLs for export to an SD card for offline printing as well. You could even use MatterControl 2.0 to generate designs, this is possible in the new CAD part of the program. Besides the software being free, it is also ideal for beginners since the interface is quite well structured. This makes it easy to use and understand.


Just like MatterControl 2.0, Slic3r is free as well. It is an open source software that can be used to slice. It offers extremely useful features that other programs simply do not have, even though Slic3r does not get updated often. On the other hand, it is a great software to use. This is partially due to its 3D honeycomb infill, which is an impressive innovation. This feature creates structurally handy shapes throughout the interior of a 3D print. Besides that, it offers infill patterns, USB printing, and much more.


AstroPrint is a cloud-based software which enables users to manage and monitor their 3D printers. Besides that, you can check your printer profiles, material profiles, and slicer settings in this program. AstroPrint is only free when you use the basic version. If you have an AstroPrint Cloud account, you could save the necessary information to print online. You could then access this data via a browser, but you could also download the AstroPrint app for smartphones. It even has a built-in compatibility with MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse.

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