6 Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology

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6 Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology

As our society has advanced, so too have the tools that we use on a daily basis. Technology has seen explosive growth in feasibility and efficiency in just the last two decades alone. Expect this trajectory to grow in the coming decades, allowing us to run our daily lives with ease. For example, take a look at how advanced facial recognition systems have developed in recent years.

Nowadays, modern mobile phones use facial recognition as means of granting access to them. The technology is fairly recent, but it is becoming much more commonplace. As a security measure, it brings enormous benefits for more than just privacy concerns. Here are some advantages of facial recognition technology:

1. Privacy

It’s important to get the most obvious benefit out of the way before exploring the more unknown ones. When you want to unlock your smartphone, you generally enter a passcode to get into the system. To make things a bit faster and easier, facial recognition software uses your face as the passcode.

Simply hold up your smartphone to your face and your device will unlock. No longer do you have to worry about accidentally locking yourself out because of an incorrect passcode. The technology uses your unique facial features as an identification method. That way, no one but yourself will gain access to your information!

2. Threat Detection Platform

Now comes the most exciting advantages of facial recognition software. In the world of cybersecurity, businesses and corporations of all kinds will house their data in servers. These servers are home to terabytes of digitized, sensitive information. Sometimes, these servers could become compromised, making them difficult to regain access.

Fortunately, an individual could use facial recognition as an entryway. This allows them to uniquely enter a system, figure out the threat, and eliminate it immediately. Without facial recognition software, the time it takes to stop the detected threat could be drawn-out.

3. Public Security

Although this benefit having some controversy, it is nonetheless a great tool used for overall security. Facial biometrics, as mentioned previously, can be used to identify virtually anyone for those in charge of the system. Placing this technology into cameras used in a public square will be easier to locate criminals.

In addition, facial recognition software video technology is already commonplace in locations that are vulnerable to exploitation. For example, the airport is one setting where identification becomes imperative to capture a potential crime taking place. By gaining a clear view of the perpetrator’s face, evidence can be sent off to the authorities.

4. Banking Operations

As mentioned previously, threat detection in cybersecurity is pivotal, in order to stop a cybercrime from taking place. Many large-scale institutions will use the technology to boost the efficiency of their operations. Banks are one of those institutions and will use every precaution to protect their sensitive data.

Facial recognition software can be used in a myriad of ways at the bank. For example, bank tellers will scan their face using a biometric system to enter a particular room. At other times, select executive professionals will be provided access to another room, where others cannot. It is a crucial facet of security at the bank, so that privacy is not compromised.

5. Non-Invasive Security

Many of us may think that those who create facial recognition software will control our data. However, most devices that use this technology are designed with privacy in mind. You don’t have to worry about your facial features being used with malicious intent by a company. It is a non-invasive security measure in totality.

To make things a bit more reassuring, only your actual face can be used to unlock a respective device. For instance, if someone tries to scan a photo of your face, the device will simply remain locked. Your unique facial features are the key to gaining access to something, as a comprehensive security measure.

6. Future Potential

The world of technology is advancing at a staggeringly rapid rate, and this will not slow down anytime soon. In the near future, we should expect facial recognition technology’s potential to expand tenfold. For example, we may one day see artificial intelligence using the software as a unique identification method.

Computers will look at objects and identify them with ease, similar to how our devices use the software. This can already be seen, in some form, in self-driving cars. These vehicles can detect the world around them in order to provide the driver with safety. More and more, breakthroughs are bound to upgrade our lives as a whole!

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