A Comprehensive Guide to Parental Control Software

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A Comprehensive Guide to Parental Control Software

The internet has revolutionized how we learn, communicate, and work; while all these are celebratory aspects, there’s no denying that the internet has also opened us up to new avenues of malicious activity. From cyber crimes to online bullying and explicit content, digital spaces are brimming with precariousness, and the thought of having children maneuver through all that is concerning. All parents have been here before, constantly questioning whether their children are safe as they surf the internet and play games on their iPads without supervision. Well, the answer is no. However, you’d be relieved to learn that there’s a quick and easy solution to children’s online safety- parental control software.

What is parental control software?

Parental control software is an application that enables one to manage and monitor their child’s online activity. Think of parental control software as you would your eyes and ears as it supervises and limits your child’s internet activity and access even in your absence, essentially shielding them from inappropriate websites, cyberbullying, and online predators.

How does it work?

Parental control software comes in different forms; each brand sports different features and capabilities. Nevertheless, most parental control software is built on the same basic principle, enabling parents to track and monitor children’s internet activity. The software will do this by giving you full access to the websites visited and search entries made. In addition to that, it will also allow you to block certain websites, set restrictions on social networks, monitor your child’s internet activity, and even set time limits for internet usage.

Where can I get parental control software?

You can access parental control software online from vendors, although trusted brands like Kaspersky, Norton, and Mobicip offer excellent free options. Of course, the free versions of these software will be limited in capabilities and features. However, they will get the job done. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the advanced version of these free parental software or pay for other premium options.

How many types of parental control software are there?

Various types of parental control software are available in the market, from app- and browser-based to network- and wireless-based. Bear in mind each one has specific functionalities and features; the app-based parental control software, for instance, tracks app usage and sets limits on specific apps or features to prevent excessive screen time. On the other hand, Browser-based parental control is a browser add-on that limits access to certain websites by scanning their content for age-inappropriate language and images. Our advice? Do your research and understand your needs before investing in parental control software.

What should I consider when choosing parental control software?

When choosing parental control software, there are several factors to remember. First, the software’s compatibility with your devices and ease of use. Next, you need to assess your needs and align them with the features offered by the software in question; aspects like time limits, web filtering, and monitoring should take a front seat. Finally, consider customer support- the easier it is to reach the service provider, the better.


We hope this guide helped you better understand the concept of parental control and equipped you with the knowledge you need to take on the next step. Remember, ignorance is no excuse. While we can’t launch a campaign against the online perils flooding the digital world today, we can take control of our children’s online safety with proactive measures like parental control software. Be sure to analyze your needs, budget, software functionality, and protection features before taking the plunge, but more importantly, ensure you do your research and educate your kids on the necessity of the measures you’re about to put in place.

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