Advantages of Custom vs Off-The-Shelf Software

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Advantages of Custom vs Off-The-Shelf Software

There are two options when it comes to acquiring software for your company, off-the-shelf or customized solutions. The choice largely depends on the daily needs of your business. If your staff only uses software for browsing, making basic calculations and bookkeeping, you can make do with inexpensive standard options. But if your tasks involve complex operations and processing of large amounts of data, it makes sense to invest in customized products that specifically match your needs.

Custom vs Off-The-Shelf Software

There is a dramatic difference between a suit bought off the rack and one hand-stitched exclusively for you. In the same way, tailor-made software differs considerably from mainstream solutions. It is developed for a specific company or a specific project, keeping in mind the client’s needs and preferences.

Common use software is normally designed for multiple companies engaged in the same industry or performing similar tasks. Software developers can promote universal ready-made products to a wide target audience, yielding higher profits. Because mainstream offers do not satisfy the needs of every business, their cost is usually lower than custom-made software.

Each company has unique needs, and it is difficult to find a product that performs equally well for two different organizations. There will likely be unnecessary or lacking features, and your tech team may need to either rebuild it or use it in conjunction with other software, offsetting any savings.

For a solution that is 100% compliant with your requirements, hire a development team to create the exact app you are looking for. Let’s consider in detail the benefits of custom software.

1. Personalized Approach

A software development company will ask you to detail a complete set of tasks that you want your app to perform, along with any risks you want to avoid. You will not have to change your workflow to adapt to new functionality. Any deficiencies or incompatible features can be fixed at the development stage, saving you time and money, and ensuring efficient daily operations in the future.

It is impossible to know if off-the-shelf products will satisfy all your needs until you purchase and implement them.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Even though customized solutions are more expensive than mainstream products, they will be more cost-effective in the long run. You will not need to pay for a license, implement costly changes, or purchase additional software to support the main app.

A tailor-made solution becomes your company’s property, and you are free sell it to other businesses.

3. Security

Cybercriminals are well versed in the vulnerabilities of mainstream software and can easily hack it. The technologies underpinning tailor-made products are unique to your company, building a protective wall around your internal systems.

4. Scalability

If your business scales over time, your old off-the-shelf software may no longer be able to handle daily tasks, and you will have to invest in new apps. Custom software can be scaled at your request, to meet your changing needs. Just inform your software development company of your new requirements, and they will make the necessary adjustments.

5. Comprehensive Solutions

Rather than purchasing individual apps for each department, a custom app provides a comprehensive solution that serves the needs of your entire enterprise. You can sync the work of various teams, enjoy easy and effective data exchange and storage, manage inventory, improve customer service, support HR and more.

6. Compatibility

A custom software provider will take into account the features of other apps used in your organization and create a product that can be seamlessly integrated into a well-established system. Mass use software is likely to cause integration issues and disrupt your workflow.

7. Automation

Your custom software development team will thoroughly study your company’s internal operations and pinpoint any processes that can be automated for better performance. It can keep track of time and resources spent on various tasks, oversee employee activities, and accurately measure results.

To automate all your internal operations with off-the-shelf software, you would need to buy an individual solution for each process.

8. Better Customer Service

Custom software providers know that your company may scale and require future upgrades. They will provide a solution that can adapt to your needs as your company grows. Mass-market developers are not concerned about your growth. They often rely on obsolescence for future sales.

A custom development team provides long-term tech support and takes responsibility for its product. They are ready to fix bugs or implement new functionality at the customer’s request. You won’t have to worry about unanswered calls or ignored emails. Custom developers understand their obligation to ensure the smooth operation of your software through its entire lifecycle.

Wrapping It Up

It takes time to build a custom app that meets all your company’s needs. It will cost you a bit more money than a standard solution, and you will need to communicate your requirements to the development team, and interact with them while they create your unique product. But the end result will be worth it.

You will get a solution designed to facilitate the daily tasks unique to your business. You will avoid paying for unnecessary functionality or purchasing additional software. If your goals are to grow your business, custom software is your best choice.

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