7 Top Attendance Tracking Software for HR Managers

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7 Top Attendance Tracking Software for HR Managers

In the job world context, attendance is crucial enough since it can be involved in the payroll process. As a human resource manager (or whatever your job title) who is responsible of managing employees, monitoring your employees time is vital enough. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy job.

The essence of attendance tracking process is nothing but about recording the hours your employees have worked. That is why most attendance tracking software commonly have a clock-in and clock-out feature. By recording your employees work time using a computerized system, it can cut down human errors so no one will be harmed.

According to experts like hr consulting services, there are lots of attendance tracking software like Flamingo available in the market today. And do a research to find the best one can a bit time-wasting for super busy manager like you. So, we come with this list below to narrow your choice down.

1. Index Time Clock

The first attendance tracking software you can consider to be adopted is Index Time Clock. This software features one main calendar to view and control all scheduling and employee conflicts. It also features dashboard which you can use to manage employee time and attendance, timesheets and time-off request. Yes right, the software makes it possible for the employees to request time-off and send their timesheets to the supervisors and managers, while supervisors and managers can then review, edit and approve the requests. They don’t have to always staring at the computer monitor to process the request since Index Time Clock comes with online and mobile integration.

2. Calamari

Calamari is a software that all human resource manager will love to. This software features two modules, leave management system and attendance management system. Since what you are looking for is an attendance tracking software, obviously you need the second module. This software has several methods to let your employees to clock in. From iBeacon to QR Code. Additionally, your employees can also clock in via web browser or using the native app that can be installed on their smartphone devices. In order to ease your job as a HR manager, Calamari also comes with several features like timesheets, manual time entries and approval flow. You can also easily validate timesheets of your teams and check their daily attendance.

The use of Calamari can also be integrated with popular project management software like Asana and Basecamp. Additionally, you can also synchronize your data from Toggle and transform Toggle’s time entries into a shift in the Calamari Clockin. Calamari is a paid software. You will be billed $20 per month for 1-10 employees.

3. ClockIt

ClockIt is a more affordable solution of attendance tracking software. Compared to Calamari, this software comes with lower pricing options. The clock in methods offered by ClockIt is probably not as rich as Calamari. You can’t see the clock in by iBeacon or QR code like offered by Calamari. Instead, ClockIt offers a biometric device to let your employees to clock in using fingerprint, RFID tags or PIN. This method can help avoiding buddy clock in that will harm your company. Additionally, there is also a web clock in as well as mobile clock in options offered by ClockIt. The good thing about ClockIt is that it offers a demo so you can see if this tool suit your company’s need. ClockIt also supports integrations. Exclusively, you can integrate this software with Slack.

4. TrackSmart

TrackSmart is a set of software that consists of three major functions. You can use this software as an attendance tracker, scheduler and time tracker. As an attendance tracking software, the way this software works is a bit different to two first tools mentioned above. This software doesn’t offer a clock in and clock out features like like Calamari and ClockIt. The focus of TrackSmart is tracking your employees’ time off with the final aim to prevent scheduling conflicts using the employee scheduler report, which lets you see who will be out and when, as far into the future as you like.

In order to ease your job, the software also features Employee Self-Service. This features allows your employees to make time-off requests and submit timesheets. Your job is to review and approving the submitted requests. At the time of writing, TrackSmart doesn’t offer integration supports. Pricing options are also a bit higher than ClockIt. But, you are given longer trial period, 30 days.

5. Paycor

Paycor is basically a software with the main focus of payroll system. However, this software also offers time and attendance solutions. If you use Paycor as an attendance tracking software, you will find some similarities between Paycor and TrackSmart. As a manager, you can use this software to manage your employees schedules and manage time-off request as well.

In addition, Paycor also comes with mobile punching feature. Using this feature your employees can flexibly clock in and out from their smartphone, remotely. In order to minimize fraud clock in, Paycor also has a geovalidation feature to set precise location maps to ensure your employees are punching in or near desired work locations. The good thing about Paycor is that it has a number of useful resources you can take advantage of, including a demo on how to use the software.

6. uAttend

uAttend is algo a great attendance tracking software every manager can take advantage of. This software combines a cloud-based software with physical devices. uAttend is a bit similar to ClockIt is terms of clock in method. uAttend offers several devices you can choose from to allow your employees to punch in. From fingerprint scanner, facial recognition to RFID card reader. Additionally, you can also implement punch in via mobile app, web and touchtone phone as well. Remote punching like this one is great for businesses that need their staff to work in the field. In order to ensure your workers are where they supposed to be when punching you can set geolocations.

If your intention of adopting attendance tracking software is to determine payroll, uAttend has made it easier. This software will automatically calculate, review, and approve employee hours for any pay period. You can then export to any payroll system in minutes. Before applying uAttend on your company, uAttend also gives you an opportunity to try its demo first.

7. Zoho People

Zoho is known as a company that focuses on providing product for the enterprise segment. One of the products offered by this company is Zoho People. Zoho People is a HR software that comes with a number of modules. One of which is attendance tracker. This modules allows you to monitor your employees in-time, out-time and total number of hours worked, including break intervals. Zoho offers an API to allow you integrating the attendance management software with any type of attendance terminals in your organization. This includes online web check-in and check-out that lets managers control where an employee can clock-in/clock-out from.

Zoho People is the best choice if you have fewer number of employee you should manage. Zoho People has a Startup packet you can select if you need to manage employees with the maximum number of 5. There is also a demo you can request to learn how this software works.

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