5 Best E-Learning Authoring Tools Large Enterprises Need Right Now

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5 Best E-Learning Authoring Tools Large Enterprises Need Right Now

When we talk about the technological revolution taking place in the e-learning industry, it might appear to be a bit daunting at first. But, the functions performed by various learning management software and content authoring tools can be really overwhelming. And, these are used by large enterprises to ensure employee training and development.

Hence, it is very crucial to select the most comprehensive authoring tools for large enterprises to ensure high-quality employee training and management. For the same, you can compare e-learning authoring tools and analyze which one is best suited for your requirements. Moreover, read on to enhance your knowledge of the best e-learning authoring tools available for large enterprises.

1. Adobe Captivate

Difficult to use yet powerful in the options it provides, Adobe Captivate is the choice of software for large enterprises. Its user interface is pretty clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. With this product, you can easily create interactive training courses, videos wherein you can also insert your own background with its green screen feature. Alongside, it provides users the opportunity to storyboard their courses which they can further use to visualize the final training programs and map out the curriculum before starting to work on it. It can also be integrated with PowerPoint hence making it useful for businesses looking to create interactive content from their presentations.

2. Easygenerator

Boasting of a WYSIWYG interface, Easygenerator is yet another authoring tool perfect for modern businesses. Being true to its name, users of this tool can be rest assured that no coding knowledge is required to access it and you can try it for free. The tool is compatible with most LMS platforms and focuses on ease of creation. Users may also witness its various features such as content repurposing, one-click publishing, and similar to most other tools your learners’ journey can be tracked.

3. Elucidat

Elucidat is a strong e-learning authoring tool which is particularly strong at creating responsive online and mobile course content which is compatible with HTML5. Elucidat makes for a great collaboration tool since it uses cloud technology. It also takes up the collaborative ability up a notch with its built-in review and commenting feature which makes it easier for remote eLearning team members to work together. It’s also the most recommended one for course developers and instructional designers as they need to develop online learning content that loads quickly and runs on a huge range of browsers and devices.

4. iSpring Suite

Creating eLearning courses with iSpring Suite is really convenient and learners don’t require any special training. The product supports all PowerPoint features and enhances its eLearning capabilities. With this powerful multi-tool, you can create and combine an extensive variety of eLearning content like PowerPoint-based courses, video lectures, quizzes, interactions, dialogue simulations and screen recordings. Additionally, it provides learners easy access by producing HTML5 content that automatically adapts to the size and orientation of the respective device. Moreover, the tool offers customers complimentary technical support from highly skilled professionals.

5. Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline which is considered to be one of the smoothest content authoring tools has the provision for creating cross-platform content consisting of HTML5, Flash and various other latest technologies. Also, it provides complete support for mobile devices in terms of usability and adaptability. Its PowerPoint-style user interface is what grabs numerous eyeballs and is liked by users. The course development is made all the easier at Articulate Storyline via a large selection of themes, characters pack and built-in templates available to choose from.

So, compare e-learning authoring tools from the aforementioned list and choose for yourself!

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