3 Top Best Free File Converters To Convert Folders & Files

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3 Top Best Free File Converters To Convert Folders & Files

Have you been searching for some top best quality online file converters for easy conversion of your file and folder? If yes, then this blog post is right here to help you a bit. We have some outclass and perfect online tool converters for you through which you can easily perform the file conversion process without any hurdle. Different types of online converter tools are available in which some of them are paid tools and some of them are classified into the free tool working system. You need to look for the one which easily fulfills all your requirements of file or folder conversion. Scroll down and check out the list:

1. Online UniConverter (Media.io)

This file converter tool platform is excellent and fastest when it comes to the file or video conversion activity. This tool is also best to be used for the large-sized videos. This tool is not just best to be used for online processing, but you can also perform different types of file conversions with this tool after you have downloaded it on your desktop or laptop. It is best in supporting different audio and video formats. Some of the common file formats are as mentioned below:

  • AU
  • FLV
  • MP3
  • AVI
  • MP4
  • AIFF
  • WMV
  • AC3
  • FLAC

2. Online Convert Free

This file converter tool is best in the market for the quick and easy conversion of your files and folders. In just one click and in just a few minutes, your file conversion process will be coming to an end. This tool has become the top favorite among students and business professionals. In just a few minutes, you will have your converted file in your hands.

This online converter tool is excellent for the easy conversion of audios, pictures, videos, documents or various compressed files. Long lists of different file conversion formats are available and hence you can choose the one according to your conversion requirements. More than 100 file formats are available for the users. It is free of cost when it comes to conversion. In just a few seconds, your converted file will be in your hands.

3. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is the only online converter which is compatible to work with YouTube. You might be finding it this task a lot challenging and intricate to do, but it will just take your 2 minutes and you will be all done. It is quite easy to use and will probably take just a few minutes to convert your file without any inconvenience. You have to mention the URL or any sort of keywords and simply download your video. Both MP3 and MP4 options are readily available in this tool. It gives the best support to all sorts of web browsers or audio formats.


All the free online tool converters which we have presented right here in the list are easy to use, fastest in its processing and have some friendly features. All these three tools will help you to convert your files in different formats as per your requirements.

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