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7 Best Email Signature Software

You may don’t too notice, but email with a signature has a bigger chance to get read. Email signature is important especially if you email for business. It can be a marketing tool. For some people, creating an email signature can be challenging. That is why they use a software to generate email signature, to ensure that the signature they create is professional looking enough.

There some email signature software out there, choosing which is the best one can also be a little challenging as creating the signature itself. To save you time, below is the list of the best email signature software you use for your business. Some are paid software, some doesn’t require you pay anything.

Here is the list.

1. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is one of the best email signature software you can use to create a professional email signature. The use of WiseStamp is easy. You will be provided a browser extension. Every time you create a new email, the browser extension will load the signature you have on WiseStamp. This email signature offers rich template options. You can actually use WiseStamp for free. It’s just, your signature won’t look cool since you won’t be able to remove the WiseStamp branding. WiseStamp works on popular email services like Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. We have covered how to create a professional email signature using this WiseStamp in this post.

2. Xink

Xink tends to ideal for a company with several employees instead of personal use. You can also use this software for popular email services such as Gmail and Outlook. Some big companies that also use this software include Best Western and Premier League. Xink is naturally available as a SaaS, but it also offer on-premise version for enterprises with own on-premises Exchange Server and have data to merge into the email signatures from own SQL Server or Active Directory. Xink is more than an email signature software. Instead, it’s a complete solution of email marketing. Xink also comes with such features as analytics, template management and so on.

3. Exclaimer

Exclaimer is a desktop-based email signature generator software. This software can only be used to create email signature for Microsoft’s email services; Outlook, Exchange and Office 365. You need to download and install different software for each one of them. For instance if you use Outlook then you need to install and download the Outlook edition of Exclaimer.

4. Rocketseed

Rocketseed is a bit similar to Xink in which tends to ideal for enterprises instead of personal. You can use this email signature software whether to generate email generator for G Suite (Gmail), Exhance or Office 365. In addition to email signature, Rocketseed also offers tool to create email banner and newsletter.

5. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is a nice solution if you want to use an email generator software for personal use. This software is quite similar to WiseStamp. You can also use it for free. However, the implementation of Newoldstamp is a bit more complex than WiseStamp. For instance, if you want to add signature on Gmail, you need to manually add the signature you have created via Gmail settings. No browser extension is offered like WiseStamp. In addition to Gmail, Newoldstamp also works on other email services like Outlook, Apple Mail to Yahoo.

6. Si.gnatu.re

Si.gnatu.re is also a nice option for personal use. This email signature software tends to similar to Newoldstamp and WiseStamp. Si.gnatu.re can also be used without paying anything. What puts Si.gnatu.re ahead of Newoldstamp and WiseStamp is that your signature will be completely free from Si.gnatu.re attributes. It also has a feature called Selfie mode. This feature will make use of the webcam on your laptop/computer to take a picture of yourself to use on the signature. The implementation of email signature of Si.gnatu.re is also a bit complex, similar to Newoldstamp. You will be guided on how to install the signature you have just created on the email service you use.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is known as an inbound marketing tool. It also has a tool to generate email signature and you can use it for free. The offered templates are not too rich, but this tool is more than enough to generate a professional email signature for personal. You can use the generated email signature on popular email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Apple Mail. We have covered how to create a professional email signature using HubSpot in this article.

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