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13 Best Online Event Ticketing Software

Online event ticketing software is the answer for event organizers that want to go paperless. Adopting the paperless concept means you don’t have to be hassle dealing with paper, from printing the ticket to making the list of attendee candidates. Everything becomes easier with software.

Paperless or not, everything depends on you — the event organizer — in the end. But by using event ticketing software you don’t at least have to be old-fashioned by using a spreadsheet for managing attendees list.

Like it or not, Eventbrite is the most well-known event ticketing software available today. Not only it helps you selling your event tickets, it also helps you to manage your event. What if you don’t like Eventbrite? There are many other alternatives of online event ticketing software you can use, other than Eventbrite. This article will show you the list of best online event ticketing software so you can choose which service that is best suited to your need.

1. Accelevents

Accelevents is an all-in-one online ticketing and registration platform that offers both industry leading functionality and affordable pricing. Costs for this platform are only $1 per ticket and 1% of the ticket sale amount, with the organizer having the option to pass all fees on to the ticket buyers.

Event hosts can set up their event in minutes, creating a branded event page and custom ticket types. In addition Accelevents offers a full suite of fundraising tools such as online auctions, donation pages, and text to give campaigns.

2. SimpleTix

Some online event ticketing software will charge you certain percent per ticket you sold. The more expensive your ticket price, the more amount you have to share with. If you are looking for a service that offers a flat fee system then SimpleTix is one of the those services. SimpleTix is specifically intended for selling performing art event tickets. In addition to ease your job in selling your event tickets, using SimpleTix also benefits your event attendee candidates. They will have chance to pick their seats in your theater, seats at tables, or even their own booth at a tradeshow. SimpleTix provides a smartphone app that helps your job during the check-in process. The app, which is available for Android and iOS can be used to check people in, scan their barcodes, search by their personal details, and keep track of entry progress. SimpleTix also supports a wide range of integrations to streamline your job.

3. Ticketbud

Ticketbud is also a popular enough name in the event ticketing software market. Some big companies, including TED, rely on this software to sell the tickets every time they want to hold an event. In general, the features and capabilities of Ticketbud are not much different to SimpleTix. This app also provides smartphone for easier check-in process for both, event organizers and event attendees. The biggest different is in the fee system. Unlike SimpleTix which applies flat fee system, Ticketbud will charge you 2% per ticket sold. This amount exclude 99 cents you need to pay for every ticket you sold. Looks a bit more expensive, but you will probably get more features. To find the answer, you can request a demo to figure out what kind of features this software offers.

3. Eventbrite

This it is. As I mentioned at the beginning, Eventbrite is the most popular name of online ticketing software. Eventbrite is a versatile tool to manage your event. In addition to selling ticket, you can also use this tool to create registration, manage event promotion and so on. You can use Eventbrite to sell tickets of a wide range of event types. To sell tickets, there are three packages offered by Eventbrite you can choose from. Each package has a with different amount fee. One thing for sure, you will be charged certain percent per ticket sold plus additional flat fee. Speaking of feature, no one has a doubt on Eventbrite.

5. Ticketleap

Want to hold a free event? You will probably need a help from Ticketleap to distribute the free tickets of the event. Ticketleap will charge nothing if you want to hold a free event.

“No fees whatsoever for free events. Free should be free. Simple as that.” Ticketleap.

What about paid events?. Ticketleap is also great to handle the ticket sale of paid events. This software also features resources offered by all services above. The fee model and amount offered by Ticketleap is quite similar to Eventrbrite. You will be charged 2% + $1 per ticket sold. If you have some doubt, Ticketleap also provides a demo to allow you exploring its features.

6. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is also a big name in the event ticketing software market. This software often considered as the biggest competitor of Eventbrite. In addition to selling ticket, Eventzilla can also help you manage your event whether during the preparation of the event or on the event day. All standard features of online ticketing software like mobile check-in already provided. Eventzilla is also a great option if you want to hold a free event since you won’t be charged any fund. Eventzilla also allows you to request a demo which you can take advantage of in order before deciding to use it for a paid event.

7. ThunderTix

Unlike five online event ticketing software above which apply per-ticket fee system, ThunderTix adopts subscription model in selling its service. You will be billed per month by the amount based on the plan you chose. However, you don’t be required to commit on a long-term contract. You can cancel your membership anytime you want. With this model, ThunderTix tends to ideal for event organizer firms that frequently hold events. ThunderTix offers 10-day trial to enable you figuring out the features and capabilities offered by it. There are some event marketing and promotion tools offred by ThunderTix, including an ad space on PDF ticket.

8. Tickera

Tickera is specifically intended for WordPress. In other words, you can effortlessly integrate Tickera with your WordPress-based website to sell your event tickets. The downside of Tickera is that you need to spend more capital upfront to download the plugin. The good part, you won’t be charged for each ticket you sold. If you have some doubt, Tickera also provides a demo you can take advantage of. Tickera also comes with standard features of online event ticketing software, including mobile check-in. If you need more features, there are also several add-ons you can install.

9. Bookitbee

Bookitbee is not the best option if you wish an online event ticketing software with low fee percentage. You will be charged 2% + 75¢ for each ticket you sold. This amount can be different depends on which country you live in. There is no special feature offered by Bookitbee. Bookitbee is specifically ideal for events like gigs, sports, educational and charities.

10. Picatic

If feature is the thing that matter to you then Picatic can be a good option for selling your event tickets. This online event ticketing software comes with all of the features you need to sell event tickets. From analytics, mobile check-in, tracking link and lots more. Picatic is also a nice choice if you have WordPress-based site since Picantic also has a WordPress plugin you can install. In addition, Picatic is also a nice choice if you want to hold a free event. Picatic charges nothing on free events. If you are not sure on Picatic, there is also a demo you can take advantage of to minimize your regret.

11. TicketSpice

TicketSpice is created by Webconnex, the same company behind RegFox. RegFox itself is an event management software, while TicketSpice is specifically aimed for selling tickets. One of the appeal features offered by TicketSpice you will probably love to is Instant Funding, which allows you to get access to your funds instantly with daily payouts. This feature is useful especially if your event has no sponsor. TicketSpice is a great choice if you wish more profit from your events since it charges fewer amount fee than the majority of similar tools above. According to a comparison result by TicketSpice, you can save up to $9,000 per year compared to EventBrite and $16,056 compared to TicketLeap.

12. Yapsody

At the time of writing, there are several special offers offered by Yapsody. One of which is no fee for the first 50 paid tickets on new accounts. There is also special pricing available for non-profit organizations. If you want to hold a free event, Yapsody won’t charge you. In normal, Yapsody charges you $0.59 + 1.75% for each ticket you sold. In general, features offered by Yapsody are not much different to similar tools above. There is also mobile app for handling check-in, marketing and promotion tools, integrations and so on.

13. Wild Apricot

If you’re looking for a complete solution to run every aspect of your membership organization, not just your events, Wild Apricot is for you. Features include event pages with online registration and payments, a built-in emailing system, a drag and drop website builder, a mobile app, and automated member payments and renewals. Every year Wild Apricot processes over 230,000 events with over 5,000,000 registrants. Free 30-day trial!

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