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55 Useful Filmora9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Filmora9 is an easy-to-use video editing software that you can use to edit videos for a wide range of purposes. It is especially a great solution if you need to edit a video, yet have no video editing background and never used video editing software before. In case you are new to Filmora9, you can read our Filmora9 review to learn more about the software.

Just like other software, Filmora9 also supports keyboard shortcuts to allow you to work more efficiently and like a pro. You can press the Ctrl+N keys to create a new project, Ctrl+I keys to import media files, Ctrl+E to export your project, and so on. Filmora9 keyboard shortcuts are not customizable so you can’t change the provided shortcuts. You can see all of the available shortcuts by clicking the Help menu and select Keyboard shortcuts. Or, you can download the PDF file we provide below.

We have compiled 55 of the most essential keyboard shortcuts on Filmora9. The Filmora9 version we used when compiling the shortcuts was version Please note that the shortcuts below are for Windows.

File Operations

Ctrl + NNew Project
Ctrl + OOpen Project
Ctrl + SSave Project
Ctrl + Shift + SSave Project As
Ctrl + Shift + AArchive Project
Ctrl + IImport Media File
Alt + RRecord Voiceover
Ctrl + Shift + ,Open Preferences Window
Alt + F4Exit
Ctrl + ZUndo Last Operation
Redo + YRedo Last Operation
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + EExport


Shift+ DeleteRipple Delete
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + Alt + CCopy Effects
Ctrl + Alt + VPaste Effects
Alt + EShow Clip Properties
Ctrl + BSplit
Alt + [Trim Start to Playhead
Alt + ]Trim End to Playhead
Alt +CZoom and Crop
Ctrl + Alt + Right ArrowRotate 90 Clockwise
Ctrl + Alt + Leftt ArrowRotate 90 Counter Clockwise
Ctrl + RChange Speed and Duration
Alt + FAdd Freeze Frame
Control + Alt + DDetach Audio
Control + Shift + MMute
Alt + SStabilization
Control + Shift + CColor Correction
Control + Alt + GGreen Screen
Alt + AApply (Effect, Element, Transition)


Ctrl + /Stop
Alt + EnterFull Screen Mode
EscExit Full Screen
Right ArrowNext Frame
Left ArrowPrevious Frame
Up ArrowPrevious Edit Point
Down ArrowNext Edit Point
Shift + LeftPrevious Second
Shift + RightNext Second
Shift + Up ArrowPrevious Mark
Shift + Down ArrowNext Mark
HomeGo to Project Beginning
EndGo to Project End
Shift + HomeGo to Selected Clip Start
Shift + EndGo to Selected Clip End
Ctrl + =Zoom in Timeline
Control + –Zoom out Timeline
Shift + ZZoom to Fit timeline

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