5 Free FTP Clients for Easier File Upload

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5 Free FTP Clients for Easier File Upload

FTP is a popular network protocol, other than HTTP. This protocol is used for transferring files between two machines, client and server on a network. Whether internet or local network. To adopt this protocol you need to install both an FTP server and FTP client.

If you are like me here, a blogger, you don’t have to be hassle installing an FTP server since most hosting services have equipped with an FTP server allowing you to upload files more easily. All you need to do is to install an FTP client on your computer. The question is, which FTP client you should use?

There are a number of free FTP client apps out there which can use. Here is the list.

1. FileZilla

FileZilla is one of the most popular free FTP client apps. Not because it is free. More people know this app than other FTP clients because it’s available for major platforms from Linux, Windows to macOS. FileZille comes with a very easy to use user interface. It has a two-panel interface, the left panel is used to show your local files while the right one is used to show your remote files. All you need to do to transfer files from your local computer to your server is by simply dragging your preferred files from the left panel and drop them to the right one. FileZilla is released as an open source software and released under the GNU General Public License.

2. WinSCP

Same as FileZilla, WinSCP is basically an open source software. It’s just, this FTP client was designed specifically to run on Windows machine with no support for other platforms. Not even Linux, the most popular open source project in the world. There is no significant difference between WinSCP and FileZilla. They both have a two-panel interface with a drag and drop method to transfer files from local computer to server.

3. Core FTP

Core FTP is another free FTP client app that is built exclusively for Windows. Just like two FTP clients mentioned above, Core FTP also comes with a two-panel interface that is very easy to use. In addition to FTP client, this app also acts as SSH client. Core FTP provides secure method to upload files to your FTP server. While you can use this app for free, there is also a pro version offered with some additional features like Schedule ftp transfers, IBM Information Exchange support, ZIP support and lots more.

4. SmartFTP

Just like the name suggests, SmartFTP is a smart FTP client. Probably the smartest one among other similar apps. In addition to FTP client, you can also use this app as a SSH client. Apart from it, SmartFTP can also be used for transferring files from your computer to such online storage services as Google Drive, OneDrive to Amazon S3. However, you need to buy a license to enjoy all of those services. If your intention of installing SmartFTP is merely as a FTP server there is no need to buy a license. SmartFTP is only available for Windows.

5. Free FTP

Another Windows only FTP client. Free FTP also comes with a very easy to use interface. Same as FTP clients mentioned above, this FTP client also has a two-panel interface to allow you easily transfer local files to your server by just simply drag and drop. While you can use this tool for free, there is also a paid version in case you need more features.

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