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Customer relationship management (CRM) is tricky enough to navigate for any company. But, these days, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to CRM trends. After all, some of the biggest industries in the world depend on CRM to win new customers.

Good CRM techniques can also help you keep your existing customers. This is why it’s important for all businesses to stay abreast of the latest CRM trends. These days, developer-centric CRM is changing the CRM landscape as we know it.

But, not all companies understand how this is the case. Here, we’ll explore how this latest CRM trend is taking the industry by storm.

It Allows Users to Interact Better with You

Businesses today need to understand that they cannot ignore user impact. User impact affects customer retention and revenue. It would not do to underestimate how a user feels about dealing with your company. Developer-centric CRM attempts to forge a connection between business outcomes and user impact.

It allows you to understand how customer experience affects your business objectives. It does this by bringing developers closer to customers. Earlier, companies isolated developers from customer-centric tasks. The work of a developer was limited to completing a backlog of tasks.

But, this is no longer the case in the world of developer CRM. Today, many businesses are choosing not to rely on sales personnel to sell their products. It would seem as though customer support services would suffer because of this. But, they don’t thanks to the increasing role of developers in CRM.

Businesses can now interact with end-users using software and apps. These applications have all the features needed to complete customer transactions. They are also able to address customer queries.
Interacting with customer support via call centers was the norm back in the day. But, the cost of the upkeep of these centers pushed businesses to look for alternatives. These alternatives had to be cheaper to be sustainable. The rising costs of employee wages led to this search for alternatives as well.

This is where developer-centric CRM came into play. Developers began to work on software to provide customer support. This software was to help customers use self-service tools. These tools would help them to understand products and services better.

The self-service tools allow users to interact with you as and when they want to. This is what makes developer-centric CRM more user-focused. It gives customers the freedom to seek you out and not the other way around.

In this way, it allows for meaningful interactions between you and your customers.

It Allows You to Improve Communication in Your Organization

API or Application Programming Interface is a contract service between two distinct applications. It deals with how two software interacts with each other. Developer-centric CRM platforms these days provide APIs for automation.

These APIs make it easier for work collaboration across different teams in a company. You don’t need to hold dozens of meetings to communicate objectives across teams.

Holding meetings for every little update can take up time and other resources. Instead, you can record and communicate updates using a converged system.

This converged system would include good team communication software. Team communication software would help your employees collaborate better. They could collaborate via channels on an application. This would allow them to follow all previous discussion threads as well.

High-quality communication APIs even allow them to message teammates on a one-to-one basis. This makes it easier to connect personnel at different levels in your organization.

For instance, your managers and customer success teams can stay in touch anytime. This can allow them to discuss the status of your projects. The same goes for staying abreast with customer updates. DevCRM from DevRev makes this process so much easier.

It allows you to track every conversation between employees and customers. Keeping a record of this would allow you to improve your processes. In the long run, it would lead to better understanding among your employees.

It Allows You to Focus on Product Enhancement

Developer-centric CRM would also help your employees to learn more about end-users. It would do this by linking customer conversations and requests. Studying these requests can lead to product enhancement.

Again, APIs come in handy here as they allow your employees to interact better with users. Developer-centric CRM like DevRev allows you to understand what customers expect from you.

It allows you to create a system for tying customer expectations to your products. This in turn allows you to understand the problems you’re facing with your products. Understanding these problems would allow your team to enhance your product design.

Your product managers can gather customer insights to improve your product features. They can use APIs to view all the features of your business that a customer uses. They can also view how customers feel about your product capabilities.

The product insights your managers receive would help them make better product-related decisions. It would allow them to pinpoint the features of each product that could use some improvement. In this way, it would help them use growth strategies that are customer-centric.

Good developer-centric CRM tools would let you view how your customers make payments. Different customers have different preferences when it comes to payment methods.

Understanding which methods customers find convenient can make their online experiences better. You can integrate payment gateways using developer-centric CRM. Adding billing support to your CRM software is a good idea as well. It would make it easier to understand how customers feel about your payment options.

In this way, it would allow you to streamline your payment processes. It would also allow you to make payments more secure for customers.


Developer-centric CRM seems to be the future of various industries. It allows businesses to forge a deeper connection with their customers. It also allows employees to work more closely in an organization.

In doing so, it helps businesses improve various processes. These processes include sales and marketing. They also include product development. Develop-Centric CRM allows companies to save time and money in the long run.

It reduces dependency on personnel and boosts productivity. It does this by allowing developers to understand end-users better. Automating communication with customers allows you to understand what they want.

It’s more likely that you’ll serve their needs better if you first understand their requests. Developer-centric CRM does that and more. So, it’s no wonder that companies are choosing it over traditional CRM tools.

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