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How Software as a Service Platforms Protect Data

In a time where everything from photos, to important documents, to business files are all digital, how do we keep our data safe in the event of natural disasters, data breaches, or something else unfortunate happening to our computers or mobile devices? Thankfully cloud storage and software as service platforms have many innovative ways to keep your data from falling into the wrong hands and preventing attacks before they happen. As SAAS providers take care of securing the network and infrastructure of their platforms, customers can rest easy knowing their data is in safe hands without them having to worry or go through all of the hassles of securing things themselves.

An Offside Pass

One of the most advantageous ways files are kept safe is through offsite backups, meaning taking copies of your data and storing them in different physical locations in the event of emergencies.

Cloud storage solutions are usually the most robust options because instead of paying upfront for a hard drive that you’ll have to keep up with yourself, companies that provide SaaS UI design on their end. This is also usually more affordable than physical storage facilities because they will let you pay small monthly fees that scale according to your needs, so you only pay for what you need and for as long as you’re using it, the data you’ll need protecting won’t be limited to how much can fit in a single or several hard drives.

In this software as subscription models, the users get far greater security because all of their data is kept and backed up in multiple locations and servers. An incident such as a natural disaster or server failure wouldn’t make you lose anything as your files are never in just one place.

Preventing Attacks

Most Saas providers usually have additional means of keeping data secure. Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, seek out potentially harmful data breaches to prevent them before they happen. This means added protection so that your sensitive data won’t be under threat from outside sources.

Saas providers also implement many Cloud Access Security Broker Solutions, or CASB, to protect data using their services. CASB solutions move to immediately detect and destroy security threats by implementing an array of services such as file encryption locking data and makes it incomprehensible to outside threats, machine learning analytics, and executing more complex authentication procedures.

The advantages of implementing these methods are that data stays out of reach for everyone except the user. Situations like losing a hard drive, breaking an SD card, or accidentally installing spyware can result in the total erasure of data or compromised privacy. Thankfully with cloud storage and software as a service platform, there are now many more options for file security. You can be confident that you’ll be able to safely hold on to what’s really important, and come back to those things whenever you may need to.

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