Icecream PDF Editor: A Powerful Tool to Edit Your PDF Documents

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Icecream PDF Editor: A Powerful Tool to Edit Your PDF Documents

If you are looking for a tool to edit PDF documents, Icecream PDF Editor an item that worth-trying. This tool is especially great if you are not too impressed with online tools that often require users to enter personal data (email in most cases) before being able to use them. You don’t need to provide any personal information to use Icecream PDF Editor. More importantly, you don’t need to spend any money. This tool is completely free to use, available for Windows. You can download this app on its official website.

How Icecream PDF Editor can help you?

First thing first. Icecream PDF Editor is not a PDF converter. This app is not designed to convert a PDF file into a raw format or vice versa. Instead, it is a PDF editor, which you can use to edit a PDF document. You can, for instance, edit an invoice (in a PDF format) to add a signature or stamp. If it’s necessary, you can also edit the content of the invoice. For instance, you can change the bill amount on the invoice or delete unnecessary phrases. With Icecream PDF Editor, editing a PDF file is like editing a raw file (DOCX, ODT, RFT and so on).

The user interface of Icecream PDF Editor is also easy to use. There are 5 main items on the menu bar (File, Edit, Insert, Pages, Settings). But, you might not use these menus too often. Instead, you might prefer to use the toolbar (which lies right above the menu bar). Icecream PDF Editor also supports keyboard shortcuts to work more efficiently.

Icecream PDF Editor comes with a tabbed interface, allowing you to open multiple PDF files in a single app window. Here is a glance look at the user interface of the app.

What you can do with Icecream PDF Editor?

As a PDF editor, the features offered by Icecream PDF Editor are rich enough. Not only you can use it to edit the existing text, adding a stamp or signature. This tool also comes with an annotation tool that allows you to highlight area or text, underline text, adding a comment to text, adding a line and so on. If you need to insert a new page, this tool also allows you to do so.

Here are the main things you can do with this tool.

  • Add or edit text

If you need to edit the content of your PDF file, Icecream PDF Editor is a perfect tool that you can use. You can replace the existing text or add a new one. This is probably the best use of Icecream PDF Editor. Editing or adding text in this tool is pretty easy. You can click the text icon (the “T” letter) under the Edit tab on the left panel. Place your cursor to the text you want to edit and you can start the editing. You can block a text to replace it with a new one. When editing the text, you can set the color of the text, the font size as well as the font style.

  • Add a new page

If you have a long PDF document to be edited and need to insert a new page to add the missed document part, Icecream PDF Editor can also help. To insert a new page, you can simply go to Pages -> Add page. Or you can press Ctrl+Shift+N on the keyboard. You can use the right panel to jump to a certain page before inserting a new page break below it.

  • Insert images and stamps

Once the new page is added (the step above), you can add new content to it. Probably, you want to add an infographic in a PNG file or other image types. To insert an image, you can click the image icon on the left panel or from the Insert menu. In addition to an image, Icecream PDF Editor also allows you to insert a stamp. Icecream PDF Editor itself offers 9 predefined stamps you can choose from. If none of the predefined stamps suited to your needs, you can create a custom stamp. To insert a stamp, you can go to Insert -> Stamp. You can simply drag the stamp you want from the left panel to the text area.

  • Annotate a PDF document

You can also use Icecream PDF Editor to annotate a PDF document. This feature is particularly great if you are working with a PDF file of an educational paper or business proposal. You can use the annotation feature to highlight important sentences, add a comment to a certain phrase or word, underline a word, and so on. To use the annotation feature, you can click the Annotate tab on the left panel.

If you have a touch-screen Windows device, the Pencil tool will make it easy for you to add a signature.

To underline or strikeout a text, you can simply click the tool on the left panel and select the text (by highlighting it) you want to underline or strikeout. You can add a note to make it easy to identify in the future why did you underline the text.

Furthermore, Icecream PDF Editor also allows you to add a circle and rectangle shape to an area of your document.

  • Protect your PDF document

You can also use Icreacream PDF Editor to create a confidential PDF document by protecting it with a password. This way, only the parties you give the password to will be able to open your document. To protect your PDF document with a password, you can go to File -> File permissions.

In addition, you can also add attributes like title, subject, keywords, and author to your document. You can go to File -> Document properties to do so.

The verdict

Icecream PDF Editor is a great free tool to edit PDF documents. Despite free, you can compare its ability with paid tools like Adobe Acrobat DC. You can use Icecream PDF Editor to add a new text to your PDF, edit the existing text, insert an image, insert a stamp, draw a line, adding the annotation to create a confidential PDF document. You can install Icecream PDF Editor on Windows. It’s pretty lightweight, consumes only about 50 MB of memory. The binary file sizing only 16MB.

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