Should You Use Free Jewelry POS Software?

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Should You Use Free Jewelry POS Software?

As a jewelry business owner, you need a point of sale (POS) software to help you run your business more efficiently. There are many free POS software available out there for your business. You may want to save some bucks by considering one of them. But the question is, are these free POS software suitable for your jewelry business?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. This article will review the best free POS software available and the things you should consider while choosing one for your jewelry business. You may also want to enhance your appraisal processes by incorporating specialized appraisal software. Platforms like can provide valuable tools to streamline and optimize your appraisal procedures, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing your jewelry inventory.

Top Five Free Jewelry POS Software

Here is a list of the top five Free POS software out there.

1. Square POS

Square POS is free software with numerous free features. You will get free features such as inventory and customer management, analytics and sales reports, integration with various e-commerce and bookkeeping platforms, etc. It also has invoicing capabilities, and you can send digital receipts and robust data security. You can do all these on an easy-to-use interface.

When you sign up for Square POS, you will get a free card reader to plug into your smart device and accept mobile payments.

2. Imonggo

Imonggo is an excellent option for startup jeweler businesses, which includes free POS software for a user in just one location. And this feature gives you inventory management for about 1,000 products, the ability to send digital receipts, sales analytics, employee, and customer management features. It also has mobile connectivity, and you can sell offline.

3. Loyverse

Loyverse (which means Loyalty Universe) is a free mobile POS software. This software allows you to manage multiple store locations. You can also email digital receipts, work offline, issue discounts, and accept credit card payments via integration with credit card processor Vantiv. Loyverse also includes inventory, employee, customer management, sales analytics features, and you can institute a customer loyalty program.

4. Linga

Linga is another POS software that is free with numerous features for food-service businesses. It is also suitable for jeweler businesses. This software is a cloud-based software and allows you to manage up to 25 products.

You can also process credit cards, perform sales analysis, manage employees, send digital receipts, and operate offline.

5. eHopper

eHopper is another free POS software that you can use on multiple devices. It can be easily integrated many of POS hardware. And this feature makes it perfect if you want to switch from another POS system. The eHopper software has other features like working offline, connecting with accounting software, delivering digital receipts, and implementing discounts and loyalty programs.

POS Software Features to Consider

Jeweler businesses need a sound POS system to operate smoothly. POS software provides a lot of services for your business. These services include:

Post-Purchase Experience

With your POS system, you can deliver receipts in your customers’ desired format after processing a sale. You can even email receipts to your customers.

Inventory Tracking

POS software is a big database for your business. It helps you manage your jeweler business inventory automatically. Your POS software also informs you when the stock of a particular product is running low. And some even allow you to place orders within its interface, giving you the ability to handle all your stock inquiries at a place.


You need a POS software with scan data reporting features that can create detailed sales reports based on all your transactions. An analysis like this can give you useful information on how to manage your business. This information may include ways to improve the sales technique and which products need more marketing efforts.

Customer Management

Another essential feature that your POS software should have is the ability to build individual profiles for your customers. This feature will help you track their purchase history and shopping habits. It is a handy feature if you rely on repeat business.

Employee Management

With a sound POS system, you can manage multiple employees even when you are not around. You can do this with functionalities such as the employees being able to clock-in and clock-out and reconcile commissions and tips through the POS system.

Mobile Access

Your POS software can be cloud-hosted, giving you the ability to process sales and access your data any time from any location via a web-enabled mobile device. If you operate your business from multiple locations, this is a very useful feature for you. Food trucks, trade show, jeweler businesses, and so on, make use of such POS software.


This feature in POS systems helps you manage operations more accurately, efficiently, and consistently. This is a very handy feature for businesses that are run on an e-commerce platform. With your POS system, you can export data to accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks, get by streamlining your bookkeeping.

Which Free POS Software Should You Use?

There are many free POS software with different features. However, we have listed some factors that help you make the right choice of software for your jewelry business:

  • The number of registers you operate: This is an essential factor because most free POS systems have a limited number of terminals. And this makes it unsuitable for large jewelry businesses.
  • The volume of products you sell per month and the number of customers you sell to; Most free POS systems charge you per transaction, and this is not good for large businesses.
  • The types of software your jewelry business uses some POS systems and software specific. So you will have to keep that in mind while choosing one.


Free Jewelry POS software is not a bad idea for your business. But most free POS systems are not suitable for large jewelry stores. The reason is that they come with enormous transaction fees. We believe that this article has answered your question about using free jewelry POS software.

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