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Software Aid to Improve Your First Grader’s Math Performance

Mathematics is one of the primary and most crucial subjects every child needs to learn and master to help them thrive academically in their later years. Introducing math to children can help them build a firm foundation of academic competency that they can utilize in other subjects in due course such as science, social studies, as well as music and art.

Parents get to develop the early math skills of their children by teaching them to count, sorting objects, setting the table, naming shapes, comparing sizes, recognizing patterns and spatial relationships, and doing many other things. However, a lot of parents are struggling in finding the right and consistent approach towards teaching their children the core concepts of early math. Fortunately, Kids Academy offers a fun and engaging process for children to love mathematics. Through this math learning app, kids get to master a plethora of early math skills while having a fun and entertaining screen time.

Kids Academy has been working very closely with experienced professionals in the education industry to continuously craft curriculum based math worksheets, quizzes, learning videos and games for children in Preschool to Grade 3. This e-learning program for Math adheres to the Common Core State Standards and covers essential concepts like counting, matching, time, division, multiplication, money, measurement, numbers, addition, subtraction, sorting, and geometry.

Mathematics by Kids Academy comprises printable worksheets, engaging lessons, fun games, and interesting videos which cover topics on shapes, numbers, place values, arithmetic, word problems, telling time, algebra, geometry, and many others. Through this interactive learning program, kids get to enjoy learning about fractions, measuring lengths and weight, counting 1-1,000, graphs, and a whole lot more. Difficulty levels can be easily configured according to the child’s appropriate academic levels from Preschool to Grade 3. With a user-friendly interface, kids can practice independent learning at their own pace.

Math Lessons

Mathematics by Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted is geared with a full spectrum of academic based lessons that are designed to help your child excel and scholastically transition to different key mathematical skills one activity at a time.


Kids Academy has designed a variety of worksheets to help parents and teachers initiate an accurate assessment of their young learners. These worksheets come with fun and colorful graphics to secure a more engaging activity.


T&G mathematics is filled with interesting games to help children learn all essential mathematical skills while enjoying the essence of studying while playing.


Through the help of seasoned professionals in the education industry, mathematics by Kids Academy comes with skills oriented quizzes to help parents and teachers alike conduct accurate assessments.

Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted as well as other fun apps help provide an easy and enjoyable avenue for kids to become acquainted with math and master the essential mathematical skills.

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