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Software Development: How to Choose the Right Outsourcer

You have finally decided to start your own company, you have a cool idea, you have already agreed with the investor, and now you want to make a mobile application for the new business. Or maybe you have been managing a large corporation for a very long time and decided to automate it. Either way, you are on your way to success.

Now you need to find those who will design this software. Having studied the market a little, you realized that prices are very different. For the development and design, studios charge amounts that sometimes differ by 10 times. What!?

Since software development is a multi-step process that requires the participation of a whole expert team, we recommend you read our article on how to find the best outsource developer.

5 Tips on How to Choose a Software Development Contractor

Before moving on to choosing telemedicine software development services or other software development services, you must have a clear idea of ​​what you want and what software development is all about. We advise you read more about that on

1. Choose something in between

You can see numerous developers who offer their services on the web. But you need to find something perfect.

As a rule, eminent studios don’t undertake small orders and are not interested in cooperation with project templates. They prefer to work on a long-term basis and develop software from scratch. Moreover, you must have a good amount in your bank account to pay for their services.

If you are not ready to pay a million for them, you may consider the option of working with medium-sized studios, startups, or freelancers. Certainly, there are certain risks and pitfalls here, but not everything is so bad.

For instance, most startups and freelancers are focused on development and success in their field, so it makes no sense for them to do their job poorly. And the opportunity to get a client who will pay for their work and leave positive feedback is only a plus to their portfolio. However, if you are not interested in a template application, it’s better to contact a more experienced contractor.

Write down several potential companies and prioritize your list.

2. Money matters

Don’t focus on the development price: choosing a contractor based on this aspect will bring more problems than benefits. Your task is to get a final working product.

Don’t put your entire budget on the first version of the app. Be ready for new tasks, modifications, changes to appear during the project. Invest in additional costs, including promoting the final product.

3. Interaction and communication

Once you have identified some contractors, it’s time to get in touch with them. The reaction and response speed is crucial. If you didn’t receive a message or call quickly and were not offered a consultation, the professionalism of the company must be seriously considered. It could mean that you are not an attractive client or the company has too many orders.

Nevertheless, if you are asked a lot of clarifying questions, and the evaluation of functionality is detailed and thought out — you can consider the option of cooperation with this developer. If you simply received a letter with the total amount (or hourly wages), you won’t get the desired result.

In addition, if all communication processes are set up between team members and the client, all actions will be transparent. You will be involved in the project, see how much time is spent on each task and their status.

4. Experience and portfolio

Examine the developer’s portfolio — download several applications, test them — how easy they are to work with.

Check if the developer worked with similar projects previously. For instance, you need a ticket booking app or educational software. There is a similar case in the portfolio — great! It means the outsourcer has an understanding of the specifics of the project, timing, budget.

Furthermore, you can read a bunch of 5-star-reviews from customers on the developer’s site. They can be helpful. However, remember that not everything written is the truth.

Feel free to ask the potential contractor for a list of clients open for dialogue. Find out if they are satisfied with the collaboration, how quickly the performer solved problems during the project and responded to inquiries.

5. Location, language proficiency, and time zone

In terms of location, you should choose an outsourcing company from countries similar to your mentality. Thus, you can understand each other.

The team, or at least the project manager, must speak one of the languages you are fluent in to avoid misunderstandings. It will help you understand what is happening with your project at each stage.

The time difference is critical as well. If it’s minimal, it will help you work on the project without any delay. We recommend the difference to be no more than +/- 4 hours.

And when you make sure that a professional, experienced software development 2021 knows how to best implement your plan, how to apply the necessary technical competencies to complete your project, and do it within a reasonable time frame for an acceptable price — the choice is made. We wish you all the best in developing your projects!

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