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7 of The Best SQL Server Monitoring Tools

Monitoring database performance is a part of your job as a database administrator. You need to ensure your database server runs how it supposed to be, particularly if you are responsible for maintaining the database of an application involving many users. If you use SQL Server, there are a bunch of database monitoring tools you can use out there.

Monitoring database performance is a complex job. You need a tool that provides accurate data reports. When it comes to the database server, some things you need to monitor amongst others are database size, query structure, index fragmentation, memory usage and so on.

Following are some of the best tools you can use to monitor the performance of your SQL Server performance. Need capital, but they provide accurate data reports.

1. Navicat Monitor

Navicat Monitor is a great tool you can give a try if you are looking for a tool to monitor your database. You can use it to monitor a wide range of DBMS software. From MySQL, MariaDB to Percona Server. The newest version of this tool — Navicat Monitor 2.0 — also supports SQL Server. In addition, this tool is also compatible with popular cloud databases, including Amazon Aurora, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Huawei Cloud. Navicat Monitor collects process metrics like CPU load, RAM usage, and a variety of other resources over SSH/SNMP. You can install it on any local computer or virtual machine. The good thing is, you don’t need to install any software on the machine you want to monitor. Navicat Monitor can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

2. Solarwinds DB Performance Analyzer

Solarwinds DB Performance Analyzer, or simply Solarwinds, provides the reports in colorful and easy-to-read diagrams. The tool works by using a Response Time Analysis method with the aim to focus on the time between a query request and the response from the database and analyze wait types and events to pinpoint the bottlenecks of your database. Solarwinds comes with a bunch of useful features including an expert database and SQL query tuning advisors. In addition to SQL Sever, you can also use the tool to monitor database performance of Oracle and MySQL. The tool offers a 14-day trial.

3. Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager

Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager also has an interface that is easy enough to use. Reports are also presented in colorful diagrams. The tool helps you to monitor the performance of SQL databases in both physical and virtual environments. With this tool, you will be able to keep an eye the performance stats, metrics, and alerts from Virtual machines and their accompanying host hardware such as CPU, Memory, Hard Disk Usage and Space, Network usage and so on. There are many other features offered by this tool. You are also given a 14-day free trial period to figure out if the tool suits your needs or not.

4. Red-Gate SQL Monitor

Red-Gate SQL Monitor has menus to allow you to analyze and check the reports. It also has a menu to allow you to configure your database to get the best tuning. This tool comes with an easy-to-use interface that will help you drill down further into statistics about your instances including wait times, CPU usage and disk I/O within 2 clicks. Not only the tool alerts to current issues, but it also gives you the information you need to stop them happening in the future. Same as two tools above, Red-Gate SQL Monitor also allows you to give it a try for free for 14 days during the trial period.

5. Lepide SQL Server Auditing

Lepide SQL Server Auditing allows you to keep an eye the database server you are responsible to handle from anywhere thanks to the available mobile app for Android and iPhone. The app will let you know the changes just happened to your database. The tool allows you to set the customization reports based on different parameters and thresholds you want. It offers a trend analyzer feature that helps you pinpoint what changes are being made to the database and by who. Before making a purchase, you can also use Lepide SQL Server Auditing for free since it also offers a free trial.

6. SQL Power Tools

SQL Power Tools is a database monitoring tool that has been around since 2000. Same as other tools above, SQL Power Tools also presents the reports in easy-to-read diagrams. It features Advanced Behavioral Analysis and User Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) of the SQL activities to allow advanced database threats and hackers to be immediately identified and stopped within a few seconds to prevent a confidential database from being stolen. You also have a chance to use SQL Power Tools for free during the trial period.

7. Sentry One

Sentry One is another database monitoring tool that you can use to manage the performance of your SQL Server. The tool provides real-time reports of the critical SQL components and services that are neatly presented in a way that will help you manage and ensure the high-availability of your SQL instances. On the Sentra One dashboard, you will see several metrics for quick analysis and viewing in real-time or historical, depending on which mode you choose. Those metrics include network percentage usage, CPU usage SQL, server activity and so on. Sentry One also allows you to use its tool for free during the trial period which will last for 15 days.

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