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Important Tips to Protect Business Data

When you have a business, it's quite important to make sure that information about the company, its employees, and clients is well protected. In this article, we provide readers with effective tips to protect their business information effectively

5 Key Features to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Backup Plugin

Are you looking for a backup plugin for your WordPress site? If yes, that's great. Performing a regular backup is highly recommended. It's one of the essential things in...

How to Properly Backup Your Website via FTP

There are lots of ways to backup your website. From using a third-party tool like Backup Bot to manually via FTP. While tools like Backup Bot allow you to...

Do I Need a Website Backup Service?

A website is the most critical asset that you can have. Remember, this is where you will demonstrate the width and breadth of your business to potential visitors.

How to Backup Text Messages from Android Smartphone to a PC with DroidTransfer

Text message might has been replaced by WhatsApp and similar apps. But, it remains important on certain occasions. When creating a Google account, for instance. You need to verify...

5 Best Online Backup Services for Data Safety in Mac

The risk of losing data from hard drive failure, power surges, ransomware, and any other number of threats is a thought that lingers in every business owner's mind. Whether you work...