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How to Open External Links in a New Tab in Ghost

Unlike WordPress, Ghost uses a Markdown-based content editor instead of HTML-based. The content editor -- just like the core of Ghost itself -- also has a minimalist nuance. It offers pleasurable...

23 Best Curated Premium Ghost Themes

We have curated some of the best Ghost themes to use on your blog so that you don't need to conduct the research from scratch yourself.

How to Disable Unsplash Integration in Ghost and Why

Unsplash is the most popular website to download free images. You can get high-quality images from Unsplash and use them on your projects without spending a dime. Not just end-users, Unsplash...

How to Install Google Analytics in Ghost

Most content management systems (CMS) have no built-in analytics feature to track the statistics of visitors. Ghost is no exception. Haven't heard about Ghost CMS? Ghost is a headless CMS designed specifically...