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Best Virtual Classroom Software to Keep the Doors of Learning Open During COVID-19

Virtual Classroom Software for Continued Education and Training During COVID-19

7 Best Sketch Alternatives for Windows

People often judge something from the outside look. When it comes to app, user interface and user experience (UI/UX) are the common parameters to judge whether an app is worth enough...

4 Best Alternatives to Elementor (Free)

The way people create websites with WordPress has changed within the last few years. People used to rely on a theme to create a unique WordPress-based site. Today, you can create...

7 Best Alternatives to Microsoft Teams

Communication is a vital element in a team. When you work with a distributed team, you need an appropriate tool to keep in touch with your team members and coordinate everything...

7 Reliable SMTP Services to Handle Mail Delivery

SMTP is a vital component for a website or internet-based app. It handles lots of things regarding the mail delivery on your website. For instance, if you have an online service...

11 Best Online Form Creators

Each online form creator offers different features and capabilities. Make sure to choose the one that meets your requirements. Here is the list of the best online form creators

9 Best Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC

Looking for a desktop-based PDF editor to replace Adobe Acrobat DC? Here are 9 best PDF editors alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC.

4 Easy to Use Video Editing Software for Windows

Interface is the thing you need to notice when looking for an easy to use video editing software. Here are the best easy to use video editing software for Windows.

7 Best Websites to Sell Lightroom Presets

If you are looking for an idea to make extra money from doing what you love (photography), selling Lightroom presets can be a nice idea.

15 Best WordPress Appointment Plugins

There are a bunch of WordPress appointment plugins out there. Here is the list. Before choosing the right one, understanding what your business need is the key.