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How to Change Background of Photo Online

Find out how to change background of photo online to make your images look eye-catching. Learn the features of this Free Online Background Remover which will help you change background and edit it with just a few clicks.

Glamour Photography Tips and Tricks for a Successful Photo Shoot

We have listened a lot about Glamour photography through a source of media such as print media, social media, electronic media, etc. But we couldn't get the exact point...

Best Photo Editing Software for Your Phone

Built with the most cutting-edge technologies, phones have now made cameras more or less obsolete. Your phone can probably capture photos of the same quality and resolution as a...

3 Best Online Tools to Instantly Remove Image Background

If you are looking for an instant way to remove the image background, you can try one of the tools in the list below.

7 Best Adobe Lightroom Alternatives for Windows 10 (Free and Paid)

There is life beyond Lightroom to live as a professional photographer. Here is the list of the best Lightroom alternatives for Windows 10

How to Use Lightroom in Linux

Adobe offers a web version for Lightroom, allowing you to use it via web browser regardless of the operating system you use. Including Linux

Photography Tricks from Professionals that Anyone Can Master

The competition in the business landscape is growing at a rapid pace. There is much that marketers can do to stand apart, with tactics like media advertising, online marketing,...

How to Add Adobe RGB in GIMP

You can use GIMP for professional needs, including image editing to print. But first, there are some settings you need to make. One of which, you need to set...

10 Getty Images Alternatives to Sell Your Photos

Getty Images is a popular website in the photographer community to sell photos. However, selling your photos on Getty Images is not as easy you think. Getty Images has...

9 Best Shutterstock Alternatives (Free and Paid)

Image is a crucial element to create web content, even if it is just a blog post. Without an image, your content has no soul. There are many websites...