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4 Microphone Tips to Enhance the Audio Quality of Your Video

Filmmakers, Podcasters, YouTubers, and many other professionals who are dependent on voice quality and whose business depends on it, must focus on the quality of the microphone they are using. Most...

The Science Behind Flawless Corporate Video Script Writing

Corporate videos can have many purposes. The video might be about your new product, teaching staff about using your equipment, sharing a message or generally connecting with your customers. Either way,...

A Beginner’s Checklist for Video Content Creation

Learning how to create video content doesn't have to be complicated, neither is it easy. Producing a high-quality video that you can be proud of even before someone else sees it...

How to Use Explainer Videos

When you need to sell more of your product, you may consider using explainer videos to get your message across. But what types of explainer videos are available? Which kinds of...

How to Easily Edit 4K Videos?

Nowadays, our mobile phones are getting smarter and equipped with 4K video cameras. Have you ever thought of looking for a powerful video editing software to meet your cutting, rotating, trimming...

Effective Tips for Increasing Photorealism in 3D Renders

3D rendering is not really an old technology these days. It is something that's actually been around for quite a while. The only problem is that not a lot of people...

4 Easy to Use Video Editing Software for Windows

Interface is the thing you need to notice when looking for an easy to use video editing software. Here are the best easy to use video editing software for Windows.

How to Merge Videos with Filmora9

You can use Filmora9 to merge videos effortlessly. No video editing background is required.

How to Cut a Video with Filmora9 and Movavi Video Editor

Need to cut a video? You can do so effortlessly using either Filmora9 or Movavi Video Editor

How to Control the Audio Track Volume in Filmora9

Filmora9 has a built-in audio controller that you can use to adjust the volume of an audio track on the timeline.