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3 Ways to Install A New Application in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions (distro). By default, the Linux distro already equipped with some useful daily apps like Mozilla Firefox to surf the web, LibreOffice to create a document, Gimp to edit an image and other ready-to-use apps. All are available for free

However, not of those apps are able to handle our needs, following the complexity of our daily tasks. For instance, you can’t listen to a MP3 file using Rhythmbox without installing the MP3 codex

Installing a new application in Ubuntu is never as hard as you thought. There are three ways to install a new app in Ubuntu. Starting from command line based and GUI based

1. Using apt-get

Apt-get is an useful command line based tool to allow you installing a new application on Ubuntu. It’s a default tool in Ubuntu so you don’t need to install in order to get more apps. Here to use apt-get

  • Open your terminal and type “sudo apt-get install app name”. “Sudo” is a Linux command to allow us to get a root privileges, while “install” is a required parameter to install a new app. “app name” is the name of new app that you want to install. To get more option from this tool, you can type “apt-get –help”


2. Using Ubuntu Software Center

ubuntu software

Ubuntu Software Center is another default tool in Ubuntu to allow us adding more apps. Unlike apt-get, Ubuntu Software Center is a GUI based tool so it’s more friendly if you are new comer in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Software Center is really easy to use. All you need to do is select a new app you want to install

  • Open Ubuntu Software Center
  • Select a new app you want to install. You can meet it from the categories on the bottom. Once found, click the Install button alongside the app icon. Done!


3. Using Synaptic Package Manager


Last but not least. We still have the most useful tool to install a new app in Ubuntu. It’s Synaptic Package Manager. However, this is not a default tool in Ubuntu so you have to install it first using apt-get.

  • Type “sudo apt-get install synaptic” to install Synaptic Package Manager

Synaptic Package Manager is the best tool to add new app in Ubuntu if you have no idea about the name of the app you want to install. You can type a keyword on the search form to find what you are looking for

  • Open Synaptic Package Manager to install a new app
  • Type a keyword or name of the app you want to install. Once found, mark the app
  • Click the apply button on the top menu



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