Easy Steps to Install Slack in Ubuntu

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Easy Steps to Install Slack in Ubuntu

If you are looking for a tool for working collaboratively with your colleagues, Slack is a good name to be considered. One of the reasons you should put the tool on the list is that it’s a cross-platform app. Which mean you can use it from any operating system starting from Windows, MacOS to Linux. It also offers a mobile app that you can install on your Android and iPhone devices.

With Slack you can do a collaborative project with your team remotely. No matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection you can start working at any time, any where.

You can actually access Slack from web browser so installing Slack app on your desktop is not required. However, if you more comfortably working from desktop app Slack kindly offers you a desktop app that you can install on any operating system, including Linux (debian-based distros in particular).

If you use Ubuntu you can install the Slack desktop app by following the steps I am going to share below. Other Debian-based distros should also follow the same steps.

  • First and foremost you need to download te DEB file of Slack from the available page.
  • Open your terminal and go to the folder where the downloaded file of Slack’s DEB is located. You can use the cd command to do it.
  • Run the dpkg command with the -i (install) option to start installing.
sudo dpkg -i slack-desktop-2.4.2-amd64.deb

Luckily, Slack requires no miscellaneous libraries so you can effortlessly install it to your Ubuntu desktop once got the DEB file.

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