Simple Steps to Install Spotify in Ubuntu

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Simple Steps to Install Spotify in Ubuntu

Admit it. Spotify is the best one when it comes to streaming music service. If you don’t believe it, try to ask your music addict friends if they have a Spotity account. There is a big chance they will say “yes, of course”. Nearly all famous singers and bands have also supported Spotify and released their musics to this service.

Once you register a Spotify account you can start listening to your favorite songs anytime you want from all the devices you have, whether it’s Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows and even Linux. That is the good thing of Spotify. It supports all platforms with no exception.

Spotify for Linux is released as Deb package. Which mean, only those who use Debian-based distros can install and enjoy music from their Linux desktop. Yes, it’s sounds unfair for Red Hat-based users. But, it’s better than nothing. Right? At least Spotify has showed its attention to Linux.

Why do you need to install Spotify desktop app?

Like I said, we can listen to our favorite musics in Spotify from nearly all devices we have since Spotify provides the official app for nearly all platforms. Additionally, you can also access Spotify from web browser to enable you stay close with your favorite songs while working with your desktop. The question is, do you feel comfortable to enjoy music via web browser? I am not that sure.

Instead of keeping a tab in web browser, most people prefer to install a desktop app to enjoy the tracks they love. Fortunately, Spotify also offers a desktop app to let us have some fun with it. If you are a Linux user (Debian-based in particular), be grateful because Spotify also has an official app for you.

This article will show you how to install Spotify in Ubuntu (I use Ubuntu 16.04 in this case).

  • First, add the Spotify repository signing key to be able to verify downloaded packages.
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys BBEBDCB318AD50EC6865090613B00F1FD2C19886
  • Add the Spotify repository
echo deb stable non-free | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list
  • Update list of available packages
sudo apt-get update
  • Install Spotify
sudo apt-get install spotify-client

Spotify will take about 160 MB of your disk space. Assuming that you already have a Spotify account, launch Spotify from Unity Dash and login with your account. You will see the following interface:

As you can see from the screenshot above, Spotify for Ubuntu is not different to Mac and Windows. And, it also pretty similar to web client. There are some menus which you can use to discover your favorite songs and artists. Or you can also use the available search bar to make everything easier.

Finally, enjoy your music with Spotify!

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