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National Geographic has a very good reputation when it comes to photography, especially wildlife photography. Everyday, the folks at National Geographic pick the best photo to be displayed in the Photo of the Day mini site.

Many people, including me, wish if they could use that stunning photo as a desktop wallpaper. Be grateful if you are an Ubuntu user because the dream just come true, thanks to National Geographic Wallpaper, a cool app written by Lorenzo Carbonell.

National Geographic Wallpaper runs as a background on your Ubuntu and has no hassle to set up. Once you done installing the app it will automatically set the current photo from National Geographic Photo of the Day as your desktop wallpaper. No additional setting is required, at all. Just be sure you have an internet connection since the app will be downloading the photo from National Geographic site.

Is National Geographic Wallpaper compatible with all desktop environment? Unfortunately no. The app won’t work on Mate, sorry.

How to install National Geographic Wallpaper in Ubuntu

National Geographic Wallpaper has been available in the DEB package and you can download it from Launchpad. Or, if you prefer to install from the source code you can also get the files from GitHub. This article will show you how to install National Geographic Wallpaper from the DEB package.

National Geographic Wallpaper is written in Pyhton. It depends on two libraries — python3-cssselect and python3-crontab — to work. So, be sure both libraries have been installed on your machine. Once you download the DEB package of National Geographic Wallpaper, follow these steps to install.

  • Open your terminal and go to the folder where the DEB file of National Geographic Wallpaper is located using cd command.
  • Execute the following command to install the app.
sudo dpkg -i national-geographic-wallpaper_0.3.0-0extras16.04.2_all.deb

Once the installation is done, you can launch the app from Unity Dash or any launcher you usually use. Once the app is open, you will see a small toggle switch. Just slide the toggle to allow the app to change the wallpaper automatically.

You will see no change immediately once you slide the switch. The app requires you to logout to run. Starting now, you will have daily best photo from Nat Geo on your desktop wallpaper, as long as your computer is connected to the internet.

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