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How to Record a Specific Area of Your Ubuntu Desktop And Turn It Into An Animated GIF

Here the case. You are a web developer who work with Ubuntu. You have just finished your project and want to demonstrate a specific part of your website in an animated GIF.

Ubuntu (and Linux generally) has more capabilities that you might ever thought. If you want to do something like the case above, you can rely on a very light app called Peek. Peek is a pretty cool app for capturing a specific area from your Ubuntu desktop and turn it into an animated GIF.

According to its developers, this app is aimed “for the specific use case of recording screen areas, e.g., for easily showing UI features of your own apps or for showing a bug in bug reports”. Clearly, this is something you need.

How to install Peek

Peek requires ffmpeg to work. You can type the following command to check it out.

ldconfig -p | grep ffmpeg

You should see a result like this or similar.

  • Visit this link to download the DEB package of Peek.
  • Open your terminal and go to the directory where DEB package of Peek is located and type the following command to install it.
sudo su dpkg -i peek-0.8.0-Linux.deb

Using Peek

Once Peek has successfully installed, go to the Ubuntu dash and search for “Peek”. With Peek you can adjust the dimension of the area you want to record by pointing your cursor to the corner or one of its sides and drag your mouse.

Define an area you want to record and drag Peek over it. Press the Record button. Press the Stop button to stop. It’s extremely easy. Isn’t it?


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